Marlboro County, South Carolina


Cherokee district, Ga. Conf. March 28, 1844

Mrs. Kiddy Ammons Graham

Died on the 14th March, at the residence of her son-in-law, in Dekalb Co, Mrs. Kiddy Graham, consort of Rev. Windsor Graham, of the Georgia Conference, aged 55 years, lacking 4 days. Sister Graham was born in Marlborough district, S.C., March 18, 1789; her maiden name was Ammons; her parents were pious members of the Baptist church, her father many years a deacon in that church. She hence had the advantages of early religious training, though she did not become decidedly pious, until 1822. She was awakened at a prayer meeting, conducted by her husband, who had a short time before embraced religion, and connected himself with the M. E. Church. Her convictions were deep and pungent; she repeatedly became convulsed and lost the use of herself at family prayer. Just a week, however, after her awakening, she was most powerfully converted at another prayer meeting, led by her husband and others; and so clear and satisfactory was her conversion, that she never doubled it afterwards. She always clai??d her husband, as her spiritual father. She immediately attached herself to the church, with her companion, where she lived, beloved, and honored, until released from pain and sorrow, by death, to her a welcome messenger. Sister G. possessed in an eminent degree, some of those most desirable qualification, for the itinerant field. In her dispsition she was sanguine and courageous, never "borrowed trouble," yet if it came, she was ready to meet it. Her real wants were few; imaginary, she had none; hence she found it perfectly convenient to wait on herself, and so far from giving the family trouble, where she staid, they always felt glad when she came, and sorry when she left. A gentleman in whose family she boarded, remarked not long since, "that it was a great privilege to have such a lady in his family, and that he could never charge board for such a woman." She was particularly attentive to the sick and poor; seemed to esteen it a great privilege to comfort the distressed, and to soothe the sorrows of the suffering. She greatly encouraged and comforted her husband, in the work of the ministry, always ready to meet the worst, yet constantly hoping for the best. She was taken ill last September, and for several weeks together it was thought she would never to able to leave her room again; but God in mercy ordered otherwise; she was permitted to go home and die with her children. Indeed she had so far recovered that she thought herself in a fair way to get well, and encouraged her husband to go on to his work, and wrote to him after he left that she was still better; she however, was taken suddenly worse, and died in very few minutes. Throughout her protracted illness she was contented and happy, and seemed almost to breathe in the atmosphere of Heaven; and never murmured, but often rejoiced, and finally slept in Jesus without a struggle or a groan. She died in the absence of her husband, which (to him) was very painful, but then he expects soom to meet her in the Heavely world where inhabitants "shall never say I am sick." Almost all that could be said of a good neighbour, a kind friend, an indulgent mother, an affectionate wife and a devoted Christian, might, be said of our departed sister; but we forb???? "??her record is on high," she was "poor in this world, but rich in faith, and an heir of the kingdom."

Submitted by Bonnie Crowley Freeman, 9 Jul 2001.


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