Marlboro County, South Carolina


Epitaph written by Pastor S.D. Colyer of Hebron M.E. Church


Robert Spears who always lived in Marlboro County, and who was a life long member of Hebron M.E. Church, South  was born November 24, 1853 and died April 2, 1930.  Among other's many were his domestic sorrows, not only did he pass through the grief and sorrow of losing three devoted wives but in the World War he lost a son when the Mount Vernon was torpedoed on September the 5, 1913, and during the great flu epidemic he lost four children in two days.  In all these and many other sorrows his faith never waivered nor failed him.

Robert Spears was one of the very best that lived in this great community which is one of the greatest sections in the sunny south.  He was one of the brightest lights and one of the greatest pillars in the church.  The  church was one of the dearest spots on earth to him.  Among the faithful few in his attendence  and among the faithful few in his great liberality to the church.  It's his conversion which was in old Beauty Spot Church when a boy- he became to this world a stranger- a pilgrim and sojourner. He put his hand to the plow and never looked back.  He ran the race through the wilderness on and on and on and finally through the dark valley of the shadow of death and on into the Promised Land right up into the presence of God who assembled all the holy angels and all of the redeemed in their glorified bodies to welcome him, and in the midst of such sights no (paper torn) are ever beheld and such (illegible) harmonies as no mortal ear ever heard, and such ex_______(paper torn) as no mortal on earth ever enjoyed.  Robert Spears began his eternal bliss

" We speak of the realms of the blest 
of that country so bright and so fair 
and oft are it's glories confessed 
but what must it be to be there."

Left behind him to mourn his loss is a faithful wife and devoted christian and an aged sister, Mrs Martha McQuage, one of the dearest and sweetest sould on this side of the river, and several children and grandchildren.

"Go wing thy flight from star to star"
From world to luminous world-as far
As the Universe spreads it's flaming walls
Take all the pleasures of all the spheres
And multiply each through endless years
One minute in heaven is worth them all

                                                              S.D. Colyer his Pastor

Submitted by Carolyn Benge.


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