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NOTE: This will is copied here from a previous transcription on file at Anson County, NC, library.   This transcription was in a research file donated by an earlier researcher, file marked "Bennett-Dunlap Collection."   I have copied it here exactly as previously transcribed, so please be aware that there may be errors in the earlier transcription. I have corrected only obvious typographical errors in the earlier transcription.

State of S.C.

Marlboro Co.

I, Carey Bennett, of Marlboro Co. in said State, being of sound mind but weak in body, do hereby make the following as my last will and testament.  Item 1st: I will and direct my ex. hereinafter named do as soon after my death, pay all my just and honest debts, and funeral expenses, also to place on my grave and the graves of my father, mother, sister and Bro William, proper and suitable marble stones, such as they may deem suitable and proper.

Item 2nd: For above purposes I direct that my ex. Do sell all my personal property, on such terms and at such times or time as may be to the best interest of my estate, and if my personal estate does [not] pay my debts, funeral expense and tomb stones as above, that same be met from rent of my lands.

Item 3rd: I will and devise to Alford Hairgrove for and during his natural lifetime fifty acres of the W. N. Bennett tract of land, to be laid off by my ex, between the Mill Rd. and run of Crooked Cr. the Mill Rd. to be the East line, the line of John D. Pearson to be the south line, run of Crooked Cr. the west line, the North line to be parallel to the Pearson line, where it will make fifty acres.

Item 4th: After the death of Alford Hargrove [sic], I will and devise the fifty acres of land to his four ch. in the same manner and upon the same conditions as the lands mentioned in the next item.

Item 5th: I will and devise all the balance and remainder of my lands wherever situated, to the four children of my sister, E.J. Hairgrove, that is to Ivan Houston, Lucy Ann, Ida E. and Boyd Hairgrove, share and share alike, but should either of them die before they arrive of age, without child or children him or her surviving, then and in the event I will and devise the share of such a one so dying, upon same terms and conditions to the surviving ch. of my sister, the ch or children of a deceased child taking its parents part.

Item 6th: The lands herein devised on Item 4 and 5 to Lucy Ann, and to Ida E.  It is my intention and I hereby devise same to them only for and during their natural life and at their death to go to their ch. and in case they die without ch or children, then as provided in Item 5.

Item 7th: I will and direct that my ex. shall during the minority of the ch. of my sister, rent the land or lease the lands as above devised to them, except the fifty acres during the lifetime of Al Hargrove [sic], and after using rents as mentioned in Item 2, that all income and rents to annually be used in the proper education of my sisters ch.

Item 8th: I do hereby appoint my uncle James Liles and my friend John B. Green ex. of this my last will and testament with full power to carry out same.  Witness my hand and seal this 15th day of Oct 1884.

                                                                                                C. W. Bennett  L.S.


Signed and sealed by testator in our presence who in his presence and presence of each other wit. same.

Wm. Bennett

Jas. T. Odom

D.D. McColl


I C.W. Bennett do hereby add the following codicil to my foregoing will: I hereby authorize and empower my ex. to expend any of the income mentioned in the Item 7, as well, on the support and maintenance of my sisters ch. if they see fit to do so, as well as upon their education.

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