Will of
Isaac BRIGMAN, 1811

Transcribed and contributed by Terri Brigman England, 18 March 2000

The Last Will and Testament of Isaac Brigman
Recorded 3rd October 1811
Will Book A Page 66, Case I Box 2
(Transcribed 3/2000 from the original by Terri Brigman England)

In the name of God Amen.
I Isaac Brigman of South Carolina and Marlbrough
District being weak and Sick in body but of perfect
Mind and Memory thanks be to God for the Saim and
Calling To mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing
that it is appointed unto all man kind once to die and
After death the Judgment do Recommend my Body to the
Earth and my soul To God that Gave it Hoping the for
giveness of all my Sins by Merit of Jesus Christ As
Touching Such worldly Estate as God has Blessed me
with in this life Dow Give it In the Manner and from
following that is to say To My Dear and Loving Wife
Fearby Brigman one Negro man Named Will all so one
Negro woman by the Name Janny all so the Plantation
and Track of Land where on I now live Containing Two
Hundred Acres all so Two feather Beds and furniture
Diewing her Natral Life or Wider Whod all so one Rone
Mair and yearling at own Dispossal.

Item To my beloved Daughter Mary Brigman one Bay Mair
and Colt and feather Bed and furniture all so My
beloved Son John Brigman One Hundred Dollars worth of
Cattle all so to my beloved Son Malichiah one Hundred
Dollars worth in Horse Flesh I devise My Executors to
Sell such of my property as Tha Shall Best to pay my
Just Debts and funeral Charges and when the Other
Children Shall Come of the Age of twenty one to
Receive one Hundred Dollars Each that Is to Say first
My beloved son Moses Brigman at the age of Twenty one
to Receive one Hundred Dollars all so My beloved Son
Isaac Brigman at the age of twenty one to Rec. one
Hundred Dollars all so to my Beloved Son Solomon
Brigman at the age of twenty one to Rec. one Hundred
Dollars all so to My Daughter Sary one Hundred Dollars
when She Shall Come of age all so to my Son Thomas
Brigman When he Shall Come of age to Rec. one Hundred
Dollars all so to My Beloved Son Lewis Brigman at the
age of twenty one to Rec. one Hundred Dollars and
after Raising and Schooling my Children the over
pules? when my yongest Son Lewis Brigman Shall a Rive
of the age of twenty one Then the whole of my Estate
that is Not Devide to be equelly Divided all my
Beloved Children I do Constitute and Apoint My Wife
Fearby Brigman and John Brigman My Whole and Soul
Executors of this my Last will and Testament here by
Revoking all Other wills and Testaments Whatsoever  In
Witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and Seail
This fifteenth Day of June 1811 and In the presents of
                                        Isaac Brigman
Test-- Jesse Bethea, Goodman Bethea

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