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South Carolina
Marlborough District

In the name of God Amen.
I MARY A. CROSLAND of the State & District aforesaid do make & constitute this my last Will & Testament, to wit

1st. I give and bequeath to my Daughter VENETTA HUSTUS a Negro woman named ZILLAH, she & her increase except her first child if she should have one to descend to VENETTA Daughters, but the first child of ZILLAH to be a boy when weaned to go to JOHN ROBERTSON COOK child of SARAH & WILLIAM COOK, but if a girl it is to go to LAURA E. COOK. I also give to VENETTA my geese & the privilege of living in the house which she now occupies & tending twenty acres of the cleared land her life time & if my afflicted daughter should live with VENETTA I direct that there shall be a Comfortable room built there for said Daughter GILLIAN CROSLAND to be paid for out of the portion of JAMES and JOHN CROSLAND. I also give to VENETTA my largest Iron pot, a Yellow listed sow & her pigs & fifty bushels of corn from the present growing now. I give to VENETTA Daughter LUCY HUSTUS, a white & brown no horned heifer yearling, & to ANN HUSTUS a red heifer yearling.

2nd. I give to SARAH E. COOK my Daughter a Negro girl SOPHY & her increase & at SARAH'S death to go to her Daughters, I give to HENRETTA COOK, my grand daughter, one bed & its furniture, to OLIVIA JANE COOK My China tea sett, to LAURIE COOK my Beaurough, To JAMES O.A. COOK one black sow with white list & her pigs.

3rd. I give to my Daughter MARY JANE STUBBS one negro girl LEZETT, & she & her increase to descend to JAMES Daughters I also give to JAMES my loom.

4th. I give to my Daughter GILLAN CROSLAND a negro woman OLLY, to wait on her & hers forever if she should regain her reason, but if not at her death, OLLY & her increase is to go to my son DANIEL E. CROSLAND. I also give to GILLAN one bed & its furniture.

5th. I give to my son JOHN A CROSLAND a Negro man named BOB & if JOHN die without heirs, BOB to go to the other heirs. I also give to JOHN one bed & its furniture one sow & pigs one read & White Pied Cow half of the sitting chairs half of the plantation gears & tools. I also give my Yellow mule on condition that he pay to my estate or executors fifty dollars. I also give him the tract of land Called the Seale place on condition that he pay to my Executors six hundred & fifty one dollars [interlined: 36/103] for the use of GILLAN CROSLAND which amount I have paid for the land out of her estate in my hands & my desire is that he have the use of the money paying the interest annually until he choose to pay the principal & then the land to be free but to be bound for the use until it is paid.

6th. I give to my son JAMES S. CROSLAND the tract of land whereon I now live except the privilege herein before granted to VENETTA HUSTUS, the said land after his death to descend to his oldest son if one should be born to him, & whose name I desire should be JOHN, & if JAMES die without any child for it to descend to DANIEL E. CROSLAND. I also give to JAMES a negro boy named JOE one bed & its furniture the side board & Dining table The Family Bible half the sottomg chairs the Wagon black Mule half the plantation gear & Tools the Sixth part of the present growing crop except the filed at Seale place & the little Cottom field which is to be JOHN's part of the crop & the wheat which I wish to be equally divided between JAMES JOHN & VENNETTA. I also give to JAMES all the cows & Hogs not herein otherwise given & the Sorrel Mare & Gigg for the Mutual Accomodation of him & VENETTA & he is to pay over to my Executors Two hundred dollars for the benefit of GILLAN which is part of her estate in my hands, I desire that he keep the money & pay the interest til he wishes to pay it over or she should regain her reason.

7th. I give to my son DANIEL E. CROSLAND two negro boys names FRANK & HENRY, a lot of land in the Village of Bennettsville which I purchased from WM. J. COOK. I also give him a bed & its furniture. I desire the Kitchen furniture to be equally divided between JAMES & JOHN, if the latter should keep house. I desire the balance of the crop & my estate not herein before mentioned to be sold for the benefit of all my children to pay debts etc., I do hereby appoint & constitute JOHN MCCOLLUM, WILLIAM J. COOK & WILLIAM CROSLAND to be my Executors to execute this my last Will & Testament in Witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name in presence of the witnesses who in presence of each other have subscribed their names this the 11th [no month given] 1841.




Recorded in Will Book A Page 219
Recorded 14th June, 1841
Recorded by Jos. David, Ordy, M.D.
Case 1 Box 24

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