Will of
William HARDWICK, 1788

Contributed by Bushy Hartman, 30 Apr 2002

                               WILL OF
                         WILLIAM HARDWICK

In the name of God Amen.  I William Hardwick of St. Davids Parish
Marlborough County and State of South Carolina planter, being weak in body
but of perfect mind and memory, thank God for it, calling to mind the
immortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die
do make and ordain this my last will and Testament annulling, revokeing all
other testament or testaments, will or wills, by me heretofore made and
declared either by or writing & this only to be taken for my last will and
Testament and none other in the manner or form following (Viz)-
I give and commit my soul into the hands of God who gave it; and my body to
the earth to be buried in a decent Christian like manner at the discretion
of my executors hereafter named.
Item I-I give and bequeath unto my beloved Margaret Hardwick three Negroes
named Cloe, Peter, and ned, all my household furniture (except one feather
Bed & beding) to her and her heirs forever.
It is also my desire that my wife aforesaid should have the use and quiet
pofsefsion of the plantation or tract of land whereon I now live for and
during her natural life, and from and immediately after her death to be the
property of my friend John Hardwick and his heirs forever.------------------
Item- I give unto Elizabeth Rolo. the use of a Negro girl named Prifs and
also the use of an undivided half of a tract of two hundred acres of land
whereon she now dwell, for and during her natural life and from and
immediately after her death to her daughter Mary Hardwick Rolo. to her and
her heirs forever, but should the said Mary Hardwick Rolo.die before she
attains the age of eighteen years, then the negroe girl named Prifs & the
undivided half part of a tract of land before mentioned shall revive to Eli
Hardwick Rolo. brother to the said Mary Hardwick Rolo, to him & his heirs


Item- I give and bequeath unto a certain child named Eli Hardwick Rolo, Four
Negroes named Nan & her three sons, Bill, Jamie and George with all their
natural increase to him & his heirs forever, but should he die before he
attains the age of twenty one years then the four Negroes aforesaid named
Nan (&Her there sons)  Bill, Jamie and George shall revive and be the
property of Mary Hardwick Rolo, sister of the said Eli Hardwick Rolo (with
all their natural Increase) to her and her heirs forever,- I also give unto
Eli Hardwick Rolo and Mary Hardwick Rolo, Ten head of cattle now in the
pofsefsion of the aforesaid Elizabeth Rolo, with all their Increase to be
equally divided between them.------------------
Item- I give and bequeath unto my friend John Hardick now living in
Georgetown, a negroe boy named Joe to him and his heirs forever.
It is my desire that my stock of cattle, horses etc, shall be sold to pay my
debts and if any remains over and above paying my debts, I give them to my
wife Margaret Hardick, It is my desire that Captn*. Claudius Pegues should
have the aforesaid four Negroes named Nan & her three sons, Bill, Jamie, and
George in his pofsefsion and with the income if their labour defray such
expence of schooling and clotheing the saif Eli Hardick Rolo and Mary
Hardick Rolo.
It is my desire that my friends, Captn*. Claudius Pegues, William Pegues
Esq, James Gillespie, & John Hardwick should be and are hereby appointed my
Executors, In Witnefs whereof I have unto set my hand & Seal this 14 day of
Febry In the year of our Lord one thousand and Seven hundred and Eighty
		Wm. Hardwick (SEAL)
Signed Sealed & delivered in presence
	John Ogburn             		            Recorded in Will Book A Page 4

	Moses Knight				Recorded September 1st.1788

	Nathaniel Knight			(Ordinary's name omitted)
						Case I----Box 4-----

[Note: Typed exactly as copy from microfilm. *Denotes raised letter.]

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