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The State of South Carolina

I JOHN LIDE of Marlborough District In the State aforesaid being sick & Weak of body but of sound mind and understanding do make this my last Will and testament. First, it is my will and desire that my executors hereinafter named do pay all my just debts out of my crop of corn now on hand & in the event of this fund not proving sufficient, I desire & order that such part of my debt as my corn crop may not be sufficient to pay, be paid out of the proceeds of the Sales of my Stock hereinafter directed to be Sold.

Also it is my Will and desire that my executors sell about the last of August one half of my cows & calves, half my Stock of Sheep, all my geese except about twenty head, my rifle gun shot pouch & horn, Chair, Sulkey & harnefs, at public Auction to the highest bidder.

Also It is my Will and desire that the whole of the residue of my estate both real and personal be kept together for the Support of my Wife & the Support & education of my Children, my youngest daughters to be educated in the same Style in which my eldest have been, my Sons I wish at least to be made good linguists, to understand Arithmetic & the most useful branches of Mathematics, after which, if my executors discover in either or all of them sufficient genius, it is there my Will and desire that they be sent to the South Carolina College observing the utmost economy in the expenditures & in the event of extravagance in either of all or them, my Executors are requested immediately to withdraw them or him, and bind him or them out to such trade, as they may think him or them best qualified to pursue, which I want done in the first instance that a want of genius is discovered in him or them. In the event of either or all my Sons graduate, I wish my executors to give them Choice of prosessions either by Law Physic or Divinity, observing at the Same time great economy, I would wish it understood by my Executors that my intention is finally to have as equal a division of my estate between


my Sons & daughters as possible & when my Son CHARLES AUGUSTUS LIDE Shall have arrived at the age of twenty one years or when he would have attained that age, in case of his living, my will and desire is that then the whole of my real estate (except such as I hereafter give to my Wife) be sold by my Executors & executrix at public Auction, observing to take Bond or bonds with mortgage or mortgages of the premise with good personal Security, on a credit or not less than three nor more than five years, the interest to be paid annually & they are hereby directed to dispose of the same in such pieces or parcels as they may think best, observing to give no other titles than Special warrantee titles, & to dispose of the same precisely according to the original Grant, As to boundaries acres etc. then it is my will and desire that my executors in the best possible manner, beginning with my Son CHARLES set apart to him & to his heirs forever one equal dividend of my negores, Stock of all kind, & monies at interest in such papers & Securities as they may hold at the time, and at the same time set apart to my daughter NANCY one other equal dividend as aforesaid (except She should marry sooner in which case I desire that She should immediately receive her full proportion of my personal estate only) and at the same time Stated above receive her dividend of the Sales of my land and so on as my Sons may arrive at the age of twenty one or the marriage of my daughters, my executors & executrix are requested to pay over to each one alike proportion as aforesaid to them and their heirs forever except my daughter MARY who I desire on her marriage may immediately receive her full portion of my personal property taking into consideration the Value of a negro girl whom I have already given her in case she should be alive at the time, the same precaution I desire my executors and executrix to take with each of my next two oldest daughters to each of whom I have already made a similar gift together with such amount in produce or money as will as near as possible amount to her Share of the Sales of


my real estate, observing nevertheless that no distress be made to procure the same dower than my executors shall find themselves able and rather be under than over the mark at that time.

Also I give and devise to my Wife ELIZABETH LIDE the use of all that piece of land beginning on a stake in MCBRIDES line & which is the dividing line between JAMES GILLESPIE and JAMES HARRINGTON & thence running South until it intersects Phills Creek with the meanders of the creek all east of that line & North of said Creek below WILLIAMS Mills including my Mansion House, orchards and improvements of every kind where I now live saving & reserving neverthless the right to such person or persons as may purchase my lands adjoining the land given to my Wife to erect a Mill on any part of the Creek given to my Wife or to flow any part of the same forever for that purpose only, together with one equal dividend of my negroes, my carriage and carriage horses, two of my best Mules, six cows and calves, six Sows and Shotes, my library of books and all my household and kitchen furniture during her life and after her death it is my will and desire that the lands which I have given to her during her life may be sold by my Executors & Executrix in the same manner and upon the same conditions and to the Same uses that I have herein directed my other lands to be disposed of & all the personal property, household furniture, Stock & negroes herein before given my Wife upon her death to undergo the like division as aforesaid, to them & their heirs forever. I here observe that is not my wish that my Wife be compelled to separate her negroes or stock from the mass of my estate only in the even of her marriage.

Also my executors are desired to make the most speedy collection of all monies due me either on Bond note or open account without regard to persons, and to make of the proceeds the best possible purchase of negroes, in families would be preferred and more males than females principally workers for the purpose of improving my lands & enhancing the value of the same subject nevertheless to the same division and same purpose, and at the same time, as is directed above with regard to the rest


of my estate

And lastly I nominate and appoint my Wife ELIZABETH LIDE Executrix and my particular friends HUGH LIDE, MALACHI PEGUES & JOHN D. WITHERSPOON Executors of this my Will, with a particular request that they Should all act as Such.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this twenty ninth day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred And thirteen and of the Independence of the United States of America the thirty Seventh---


Signed, Sealed & declared & published)
by the above named JOHN LIDE the test-)
atoras for his last Will and Testament )
in the presence of us who at his re- )
quest and in his presence have Subscribed)
our Names as Witnefses thereto.)
Oliver Flowers
Wm. L. Thomas
Thomas Lide

Recorded in Will Book A page 76
Recorded June 21st 1813
Recorded by Wm. Easterling, Ordy. M.D.
Case 1, Box 5

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