Court of Equity division of
Moses PARKER's land, 1834

Contributed by Bonnie Freeman, 17 March 2000

Marlboro Co., SC, Wills, Book A

We, Charles Manship, Isaac Pipkin, Joshua Fletcher, Commissioners Appointed 
by the Court of Equity for Cheraw District to divide the lands of Moses 
Parker, deceased, between Nancy Parker, widow of the deceased and Sarah Slay, 
Wife of Thomas Slay, Esther Leggett, Mary Adams, wife of Richard Adams, John 
Parker, Judea Newton, wife of Younger Newton, Sr., Anna James, wife of 
William James, Kiddy Waters, wife of James Waters, Lewis Parker, Daniel 
Parker, Nancy Parker, Philip Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Emen Parker, William 
Parker, Wright Parker, Harris Parker, Amanda Parker, each a share after the 
widows, and to Kiddy Graham, wife of Windsor Graham, daughter of Elizabeth 
Adams, a half share --have been upon the said lands with a surveyor - and 
find it to contain to resurvey 4234 acres in the whold part in Marlborough 
district and a part in Richmond County, North Carolina and valued the whole 
at $6184.50. And having the joint concurrence of John Graham, George Wright, 
and Nathaniel Gibson, Commisssioners appointed by the County Court of 
Richmond aforesaid for the purpose aforesaid we have divided the said lands 
in the following manner (Viz.). We assign to Nancy Parker, the widow, 1390 
acres in Plat A No 1 for her third part.  We assign to Amanda Parker 131 
acres in the same Plat marker No 2 and to Harris Parker 122 acres marked No 3 
and to Wright Parker 131 acres marked No 4 and to William Parker 122 acres 
marked No 5 and to Arena Parker 126 acres marked No 6 and to Nancy Parker 133 
acres marked No 7, all in the same Plat, we assign to Emen

Parker 115 acres in Plat B marked No 1, we assign to Judea Newton, thewife of 
Younger Newton, 122 acres marked No 2 in the same Plat.  We assign to 
Elizabeth Parker the whole of Plat C being by estimation 97 acres.  We to 
Kiddy Walters [Waters] 175 acres on Redy Creek it being part of Plat D marked 
No 1 Sally Slay 281 acres marked No 2 in same Plat, we assign to Mary Adams 
262 acres No 3 in the same plat.  We assign to John Parker and Lewis Parker 
each fifty --- on Cat Fish Bay containing 276 acres and to Kiddy Graham one 
fifth part of the same tract represented by Plat E in Marion --- District 
divided by them or their legal agents at pleasure also that by and with our 
consent the Commisisioners aforesaid appointed by Richmond Court have 
assigned a tract of land 749 acres in Richmond County aforesaid to Anna 
James, Esther Leggett, Daniel Parker, and Philip Parker to be divided or sold 
by them or their legal agents a Plat of which in hereunto annexed marked F 
all of which will clearly appear by to the aforesaid six Plats hereunto 
annexed.  Certified by Nathan Thomas, Deputy Suryeyor of Marlborough District 
witness our hands and seal this 1lth of

December 1834 and 59 years of American Independence.
Charles Manship
Isaac Pipkin
Joshua Fletcher

Done by me Lewis Parker
This copy of the original return made by the Commissioners appointed by the 
Court of Equity

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