Will of
Nancy PARKER, 1853

Contributed by Bonnie Freeman, 17 March 2000

[NOTE: Nancy Parker was the last wife of Moses PARKER.]

Nancy Parker

I Nancy Parker (widow) do make and ordain this my Last will and testament in 
manner and form following, I Give and bequeath to my son Harris Parker one 
hundred Dollars, I Give and bequeath to my daughter Armanda Parker one 
hundred dollars for the kind care and protection of me During my Natural 
life. I also give and bequeath the balance of my estate after paying my Debts 
at all my children to be equally divided between them. (namely, Lewis Parker 
Daniel Parker.Philip Parker William Parker Harris Parker Nancy Fletcher 
Elizabeth Pate Arrena Gibson Amanda Parker & Emen Parker. I want two hundred 
dollars to be deducted out of Eman Parker share and Divided Equally between 
the rest of my heirs for he has had that much I Give and Bequeath to my sone 
Right Parkers children an Equal Share with the rest of my children,and I make 
and ordain my Sone Lewis Parker Trustee to manage their property until they 
become of age and if they die before they become of age then their property 
to be Equally Divided between all of my children.  I also nominate constitute 
and appoint my sone Lewsi Parker Sole Executor of this my Last will and 
testament Revoking all other wills made by me heretofore at any time in 
witnefs whereof I have sebscribed my name and affixed my Seal this the third 
day of January one thousand eight hundred and fifty three.  Signed sealed and 
acknowledged by me Nancy Parker to be my Last will and testament in the 
presence of in who subscribed our names there to in the presence of the said 
                                    Nancy X Parker (Seal)
John Pletcher S.                         mark

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