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Contributed by Glenn Pearson, 10 Aug 2007.


South Carolina           By J. Winfield Ordinary
Marlborough District   for said District

To Samuel Brown, James Pouncey, Robert Campbell, Harris Dewitt & John Windham These are to authorize you or any thereof you to Repair to all such places within this district as you shall be directed by Henry Pearson, Administrator of all and Singular the goods & chattels, rights and credits of Moses Pearson deceased where so ever any of the goods of chattels are within the said place and which shall ____ you of the said Henry Pearson and this given & appraise the same being first duly sworn to make a Just and perfect Inventory and appraisement ther of & cause the same to be returned and on the hands of any three of you unto the said Henry Pearson on before the first day of July . Next given under my hand and seal of office this 16th day of May 1801 and in the Twenty fifth year of the Independence of America.

J. Winfield
L. S.

Memorandum This twenty ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred & One. Personally appeared before me, Benjamin Rogers, Esquire one of the Justices of the Peace for said district, Samuel Brown, James Pouncey, and John Windham being three of the appraisers appointed to appraise the goods & chattels, rights & credits of Aaron Pearson deceased who being duly sworn, makes oath, that they would make a Just appraisement of all and Singular the goods and chattels, rights & credits of said deceased (ready money only accepted) as shall be produced by the said Henry Pearson, Administrator of the said deceased. And that they would return the same Certified under their hands unto the said Henry Pearson within the time prescribed by Law.

Sworn to before me the twenty ninth day of May day and Year above Written.

Benjamin Rogers L.S.

Samuel Brown
James Pouncey
John Windham

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