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Contributed by Glenn Pearson, 10 Aug 2007.

Inventory of Apraisment of the Estate of Moses Pearson are Shewn by Henry Pearson, Administration to said Estate

15Head of cattle1201Set of Wagon Wheels25
44Hoggs641? Of ? Wheels6
41Sheep61.51 Pete girth width & sturup iron4
1Sow & piggs41Lot of carpenter tools6
1Bed & Furniture351Lot of shear maker tools1.5
1Bed & Furniture301Lithe and sheep sheers1.75
1Bed & Furniture308small casks4
1Small Bed & Furniture61small casks & curing Knife3.5
1Small Libray Books126axes7
1Tea Table41Lot of ? Iron4
4Tea Table59Broad hoes2.25
1Tea Table13Grubing hoes & spades2.25
6Chairs31iron tooth harow2
2Woolen Wheels21cross cut saw6
1Small Trunk1.51pots2
1Looking Glass12skillets & 2 pots2
2?air of Cardes21Dutch Oven & tea kettle3
1Silver watch201Lot of Coopersware3
1Lot of Crockery51Loom & Giers4
1Waites & Whip11Mans saddle3
1Smoothing Iron & Lot of phials22wire siver2
1? Of five Dogs & tongs1.56Juggs and lot pewter3
1Spear & Shotgun9.51Anvill & hammer1.5
2Linin wheels21handmill6
2Mares & Colts1.752Bar shears6
2Gray Horses1001a parcel of hammers & old iron1.5
1Negro Boy Ligh3001Iron bound Cork & still9.5
1Negro Boy Jack45015casks10
1Negro Boy George5004Plour and giers9
1Wench Haner & given to William5001Lot leather & grime stone9
1Negro Boy Demps3001Tackle & ?2.5
1Negro Girl Mary275  152.25
2Negroes Boys James & Sam350
1Negro Wench Lyd & children300  Apraisement Value$4,002
1Negro Man Daniel350
     James Pouncey, Testor
Samuel Brown, Testor
John Windam, Testor

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