Will of
Levi QUICK, 1802

Transcribed and submitted by Patsy Quick, 25 May 1999

Will  and Loose Papers of Estate  of  Levi  QUICK      filed  19,  0CT.  1802

In the name of god I Leavy quick of the STATE 0F South Carolina of Marlborough  
being Sick of body but of good and sound memory  thanks be to the almighty  
and calling to Remembrance the uncertain Estate of this transitory life and that 
all life flech must yeale to death,  whenever it 
It shall please god to call,  do make Conslet  ordain  and declare this my last will 
and testament in manner and form following  Revoling and annuialling by these presents 
all and every tistament or testament will and wills, and every tistament   or wills her 
to fore by me maid and declare Either by words or writings and this is to be taken only 
for my last will and testament.  And here unto  Set my hand and seal  in the day of our 
lord  one thousand Eight hundred and two September  the 5th day.
My desorts to bestowed upon me,  I do order  give and dispose.  The same in manner and 
form following,  that is to say  first I will that all these debts and dues as I owe in right 
or comserne to any manner of person or persons  whatsoever and then all my movable estate and on 
movable shall be equially devided between my wife and foure children
Sary,  Henry quick, benjamin quick, Leavy quick, Sandy quick.  That so long as my wife 
Shoude keep the Estate  to gether  and if not be put unto the hands of the Executors 
for the use of them same children.
Thomas quick  Quillar quick

George Quick                                  Leavy  (his mark)  quick
Gillian (his mark) Johnson
Malcome (his mark) McLead

South  Carolina          >  Before me Joel Wingield -    
Marlborough District  >  Ordenary for said District 

Pearsonally appeared Malcome McLead who being duly sworne takes oath that he was 
present and saw Leavy Quick the testator named in the within Instrument of writing, 
sign, seal and   Execute the same or his last will and testament.  The said Leavy being thereof SOUND
Memory  & understanding,that the same  Malcome Mclead subscribed as a witness 
(canot read this line) persons handwriting and that George Quick Gilleam Johnson 
were also present and witnesses to the said execution thereof and togeather with 
this desonat subscribe their names as such in the presence of each other and at 
the request of the testor.

Sworn to me this
19th day of Oct.  1802
J. Winfield  ord                      Malcom McLead

A True and perfect Inventory of the goods and chattels of Levy Quick deceasted late of 
Marlborough District  taken on the 4th of Cecember 1802  for Thomas Quick and Aquilla Quick  
Executors of Said Estate  by Benj Williams,  Thomas Godfrey,  Lewis  Malone  and John Lide

One Bay Mare							$ 35
One Sorrel Mare							  30             
One Bay Mare & Coly						  40
One black horse							  20
58 head of Black Cattle   @$5					 290      	    
head of hugs							  97
4 head of sheep							   6		             
10   ???  cart wheels   14					  19		
one shot gun							   8	
4 beds and furniture  &  bed steads				 100 
Crockery Ware  & kitchen furniture 				  14  
13  chairs & 3 tabels    ????chest 				   9 
1  Grind stove   4/8 plantation tool  10			  11 
Pewter & pails     tins						  14 
Loom & Spinninh wheel.  Cords 					  12 
One looking glass						1.50
2 saddles    &  Bridles 					3.00	  $709.50

T. Godfrey
John Lide 
Lewis Malone 
Benj   Williams

July 2	Cash  paid John Lide for Corn 					      $ 6.00
	   "     to the ordinary f0r fees of administration		5  
       	    "      to  James Walch  for plank 					        $ 6.75 
 	    "      to   Guillam  Johnson     for building a  chimney                      2
Sept.  15     "      2 bushels of corn     @ 50 cents a bushel			          1
           22            2 bushels   "      "						  1	
		Paid     ??????    ????  his account 				          2. 87 
		  "        McLead for 1 quarter of schooling  the children 	      	    .50     

1806	To cash paid  WM Easterling for his fees					1
March	Dito    	         Jno Willarmson  for schooling				9
	Dito	         Thomas Godfry  for Taxs					1.60
	Dito	          George Bristow for molaces               			2
May	Dito	           Thomas Evans for Taxes					1 			       		

1806	by cash received	0f  Thomas Turner 	$  8.11
	Ditto			of  Willis Quick	$ 11.00
Feb	Ditto			of  gilliam Roller	$ 11.12 
Mar	Ditto			of   Barney Clark	$  8.75
April	Ditto			of  Thomas Turner	$ 10.00
April	Ditto			of Thomas Driggars	$ 15.00
June	Ditto			of Elizabeth Roler	$ 90.00
July	Ditto			of Charles Bright	$   7.00
Oct	Ditto 			of Solomon Quick	$  14.00
						Less       14.60	
delated til Jan 1, 1807  

To William Husbands 			1 cow		$10.75
         Ditto				1 steer		$13.75  
To James Welch				1 Bull		  9.00 
         Ditto 				1 cow		$11.50
To Norman  McDuffy			1 cow		$12.50
          Ditto				1 Steer		$11.75	
To Levi Quick				30  Bu Corn	$16.50
ACCOUNT OF SALES OF PART OF THE ESTATE OF LEVI QUICK made by order of the ordinary Aug. 22, 1807
1 red steer	        John Early				$12.90
 1 red steer                    ditto				$12.90
1 white                          ditto				$11.00
1speckled steer	        Joseph Locklar				$10.76
1 white Bull	        Stephan Wallace				$  9.00
1 white cow	         Elirolck				$10.25 
1 sprided steer            Noah  Whittington			$11.60  
1 Yellow Bull             Burrell Quick 			$  9.00 
1 sprided cow         Stephan Lockelar 			        $ 10.12
Willice Quick         30 bushels of corn @63  cents per bu     $19.05

January 17	To cash paid  R. Carstop for cloth		          5.50
        27        ditto        William McKeratt his acc.                $14.52   
        29        ditto         William Easterling ordianeries fee        1.00 
February 13       ditto    Thomas Quick for schooling                     6.00 
                  ditto  Thomas Evans for Public ? Tax 1806               1.19 
Nov. 3 		  ditto   Carlos Hoggesball for splains and paper          2.51  
Omitted 22 Aug.   ditto  Duncan McLaurinfor whiskey for the sale 
                     By Aquilla Quick          		                 1.10  

Sept 20th 	By cash received of Stephen Locklier for beef		             $10
Feb 1st 		      	"	of Eli Roler fo a cow  & calf                $10.25
        6th			"	of Burewel  Quick  for beef		       9.00
       19th			"	of William Husband for beef cattle 	     $27.50 
 			"	of Robert Potter for interest on his note              3.50
April   2 		"	of Noah Whittington for beef		             $11.00
          23			"	of Willis Quick for land rent & beef	     $19.05   
May 14			"	of Joseph Lockelier for his note		     $10.75 
July     2 		"	of  Eli Roller for the interest of his note	       5.00 
            9			"	of  Charles Bright for the intrs on his note   7.00   
 Nov.   4			"	of John Irby for beef cattle	            $ 38.24  
             4		"	of Robert Potter for interest on his note               2.00
           18		"	of Elisha Koler for land rent 		               17.50
Dec     28		"	of Stephen  Wallace for his note	      	        9.62  
   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>					            $180.21  
Thomas Quick acting executor      

DRs the estate of Levi Quick

January 30	To cash paid         Duncan McLaurin for cloth		     $ 6.50
Feb.         4		"	Wm. Easterling	for orders		        2.00	
Feb         13		"	Coit  Joes  for coffee and writing paper        1.63  
Mar.        2nd 		"	Sary Quick for Henry			1.00
Mar.         14		"	Ben Rogers for Taxs			           93  
            27th 		"	Sary Quick for Ben Quick		1.00  
1810			" 	Sary Quick for Henry Quick 	                 .5	 
Feb         29 		"       Thomas Quick for schooling of   Levi &
							Sandy Quick	       $5.00  
Mar        31		"	Ben Rogers for Tax			         .57
April      24		"	Sary Quick for  Henry Quick		        1.00 
May        14		"	H. Morison for one negro girl for the estate of
				Levi Quick delivered to Sarah	                29.00
June       14		"             Coil Joes for writing paper	          .69
Sept       14 		"	Sary Quick for Henry Quick			
				Fifteen dollars for corn			15.00
			"              Sary Quick for Whiskey                    1
     				>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                         $325.91  


Mar  1810      By cash		rec'd        Levi Quick  Jr.                         $16.50
Sept.                "                                 Levi Quick for corn            11.12
	By amount pd away by the executor                                           $298.29
                       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< $325.91  
 sold by order of sale of the acting exectuor Thos. Quick the 14th Sept 1810 
To James Stubbs 1 steer $13.32  
To John Smith 1 steer $13.35 
To Thomas Hodges 1 steer $13.00 
To Arron Turner 1 steer 8.40 Do Do 9. 
To Elisha Roler 1 steer $10.12 
Total $62.72 
Sold by Thomas Quick acting executor the 14th of Sept 1810
by permission of the Ordinary of Marlboro District on a credit line
 Jan 1812 Thomas (his mark) Quick 
Acct of Sales of Corn belonging to the Estate of Levi Quick made by order of
 Wm. Easterling Esquire Ordinary for the District of Narlborough 26th October 1808 
Sold to Levi Quick 30 bushels $15.30 On a credit file Jan 1., 1810 T. Quick exec Dc's 

Mar. 1811 paid David Lanair one dollar for a mair going to his horse 1.00 
Feb .paid to Benj. Quick for a saddle 16.00 
Paid Benj. Rodgers for public and property Taxs 1.30 
Paid Benj. Quick one dollar when he was a 1.00 
Paid Henry Quick for onr pair of cotton ??? 2.00 
Paid Henry Quick for the hire of a subsitute 17.00 
Dito Levi Quick Jr. 8.00 
Dito Levi Quick Jr. 21.00 
Dito paid Win. Easterling for receiving returns for 1811 1.00 
Also 1812 1.00 For amount received by the Exectuor $121.48 $191.48 
1811 By cash received of Charles Bright $ 7.50 
By cash received of Aaron Turner for beef 18.00 " 
Willis Quick for rent 16.00 " 
Thomas Hodges for beef " 10.12 
E Elisha Roler for beef " 13.40 
Jno Smith 100.00 " 
Aquilla Quick 13.96 " 
James Stubbs for beef $191.48 
Henry Quick received his share of the estate when he turned 21 
Documented Jan 20, 1813 Benjamin signed a release acknowledging receiving 
his share July 1819 Levi signed a release July 18.!9 I am only coping one
 of the releases as it has some interest-
 To All to whom these presents shall come Levi Quick and Sarah Quick send
 greetings: Whereas Levi Quick late of Marlborough County and the State of
 South Carolina in and by his last will and testament in writing bearing
 date of on or about the fifth day of September in the year of our Lord,
 one thousand eight hundred and two. Did give and bequeth unto Sarah Quick,
 then wife of the said Levi Quick, an equal share with his four children,
 or a fifth part of the estate. Moveable and immovable and the said
 Sarah Quick has sence married to Levi Quick. Levi Quick did appoint and
 nominate Thomas Quick, executor, who sence his death has dutly proven his
 will in the court of ordinary for the District of Marlborough. Now the
 present witness that theLevi Quick and his wife Sarah do here by acknowledge
 to have received of and from Thomas Quick, exectuor as foresaid the legency
 above mentioned. One equal part with all four children of the Estate of said
 testator and there of and from Every part thereof do fully clearly and
 absolutely acquite, release and forever discharge the said Thomas Quick his
 heirs, executors and administrators, and assignees and reless the Estate and
 affects of the said Levi Quick the testator and in consideration there of
 the said Levi Quick and Sarah Quick do for themselves, their heirs, executors,
 administrators and assignees,(????) Legacees, sums and sums of money,
 judgments execution claims and demands what so ever. In witness where of the
 said Levi Quick and Sarah his wife have here unto set their hand and seals
 this eighth day of July in the year of the Lord one thousand, eight hundred
 and nineteen. Sealed and delivered in the presents of Levi (his mark) Quick
 Wm. Easterling Ordey M.D. 
Sarah(her mark) Quick 

Patsy notes: "If you look at the money ledger you will see that it tells a story...Levi Jr. paid someone to take his place in the war of 1812. and many things can be learned by studying them... This is the only will that I have ever seen that the actual will was filed and not just copied into the book"

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