Rejected Pensions
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as cited in Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions
(Washington, D.C., 1835, revised 1852).
Please note that the thousands of men who fought for the colonial government were entitled to receive pensions or bounty land grants for their service but proof of service was required. After the veteran's death, his widow was entitled to apply for a pension as well. The list below is of those South Carolina residents who had applied for a pension and were required to submit additional information before a pension was granted.--Victoria

Name Location Reason
Peter Neese--, GreenvilleFor further proof and specification--name not on the rolls of the Pennsylvania line.
William Nelson--, SpartanburghDesertion.
Martha Nichols, widow of William--, SumterFor proof of the marriage.
Elizabeth Odom, widow of Daniel--, BarnwellFor proof of service from the books of the Comptroller General of South Carolina, and the original leaf from the family record of marriage.
Catharine Osborne, widow of ThomasCharleston cityFor further proof.
Bentley Outlaw--, ChesterfieldFor details of service and reference therewith to the books of the comptroller general of South Carolina.
Mary Palmer, widow of JohnBarnwell districtProof of marriage required, and that claimant's husband was the identical soldier who is found on the South Carolina records of the line and militia service.
William Pardue--, LancasterThe rolls of Georgia being very imperfect, he must find proof from seme of his surviving comrades.
Sasan Pendergrass, widow of DavidChester districtPeriod, length and grade of service, and names of officers required, and some proof of identity of claimant's husband with the David Pendergrass mentioned in the comptroller's certificate.
Martha Philips, widow of Eleazar--, CharlestonSuspended for further proof.
William Petty Pool--, GreenvilleFor period, length, grade, names of company and field officers, and the evidence of has pay from the comptroller general of North Carolina.
Philip Porter--, PickensHas failed to furnish evidence from the office of the comptroller general of South Carolina, which he was required to do.
Amelia Pratt, widow of William--, YorkFor proof of service and of marriage.
William Prichard--, AndersonFor a more precise account of his service, its period, length and grade, and names of officers and stations.
Thomas Rall--, LexingtonFor further proof of service.
Christian Rasor--, AbbevilleFor further proof by comrades and the Culpeper county clerk that the designated officers were in service.
Anna Reese, widow of George--, PickensService admitted, and original record of marriage required.
Ann Reid, (deceased), widow of George--, CharlestonDied before the passage of the act.
John Rice--, MarionThe department was informed that this claimant was a tory.
William Richardson--, MarionOne year's service in North Carolina and two years' service in South Carolina requires proof from the records of each State.
Thomas Robertson (deceased), heirs of--, PickensThe service in the continental line as proved by the Secretary of North Carolina, was not clanned by applicant during his life.
Mary Ann Rogers, widow of Lott--, MarionNo claim--not six months' service.
John Rosser--, MarionHe did not serve six months.
Judith Rowland, widow of David--, EdgefieldFor further proof.
John Ruple--, OrangeburghHe did not serve six months.
Eliza Sadler, (deceased), widow of John--, YorkProof of identity deficient that her husband was the same person by whom were issued several indents as an officer and soldier to the Comptroller General of South Carolina.
G. F. Saltonstall--, DarlingtonHe did not serve six months.
Elizabeth Sanders, widow of John--, PickensFor proof of identity that her husband is entitled to any portion of the specie certificates which were issued to soldiers of the same name for 89 6s.
Reuben Seay (deceased), heirs of--, SpartanburgProof of identity required that he was the artillery man of the same name marked in the depreciation certificate of the Virginia auditor.
William Shaw--, YorkFor period, length, grade and names of officers and stations, and proof by witnesses.
William Shelby--, MarionFor period, length and grade, and names of officers and stations.
Lewis Sherrill--, AndersonHe did not serve in any regularly organized corps.
Armistead Shumatt--, SpartanburgFor details of service and proof by survivors, and county clerk's certificate that the designated officers were in service.
Winney Sizemore, widow of Ephraim--, SpartanburgFurther proof of marriage required.
Arthur Smith--, SumterPeriod, length, grade and names of officers and places and proof from the Secretary of State of North Carolina.
Drury Smith--, GreenvilleDesertion.
Elizabeth Smith, widow of Elihu--, SpartanburgFor proof of service and of marriage.
Job Smith--, PickensFor items of service as to period, length, grade and names of officers and localities.
Margaret Smith, widow of Thomas--, WilliamsburgFor proof of service and marriage.
William Smith--, BeaufortFor specification of service.
Elizabeth Snoddy, widow of Samuel--, SpantanburgFor further proof and specification.
Joshua Spears--, SumterHe did not serve six months.
Rebecca Spivey, deceased, widow of MosesEdgefield districtMarried after the war.
Moab Stephens--, ChesterfieldFor each tour, period, length, grade and names of officers and places.
Robert Stewart--, PickensAwaiting explanation of the discrepancies between the original and the amended declaration.
John Stoudemier--, OrangeburgFor period, duration, grade, nature of the service, where performed, and by whom commanded.
James Stewart--, MarlboroughNo proof of service--rolls of the ship's crew of the Ranger silent.
George Tankersley--, GrecnvilleHe did not serve six months.
Zophar Tanny--, PickensNot on the New Jersey rolls of the warsmen. He must prove his service by at least one credible witness.
Rachel Temple, widow of James--, EdgefieldProof of the wedding day and of the service required.
Lucretia Therrill, widow of Moses--, ChesterfieldProof of service and of the wedding day required.
Jane Thompson, widow of George--, CharlestonFor further proof and specification.
John Thompson--, ChesterNot on the Virginia rolls, nor his officers--no proof of service.
Sarah Tucker, widow of Benjamin--, CharlestonService on board the Argo and Pulaski, but whether public or private armed vessels claimant must prove, and also her husband's service when on board.
Nancy Tucker, widow of John--, SpartanburgFor further proof.
John Turner--, MarionHe did not serve six months.
Edward Vandevier--, AndersonHe did not serve six months.
Catharine Vandiver, widow of Edward--, AndersonFurther proof of service required.
William Wadkins--, PickensBeginning and ending of each tour, and names of officers, company and field, and the comptroller's certificate to sustain his service.
John Wallis--, YorkHe did not serve six months.
Elizabeth Weatherall, (deceased), widow of John--, AbbevilleFor further proof.
Reuben Weed, sr.--, AbbevilleFor further proof and specification.
Jane Weir, widow of David--, FairfieldProof of service and of marriage required.
Alexander M. White--, ColletonHe did not serve six months.
Abarilla Wilbanks, widow of William--, UnionFor proof of service and of the marriage.
Ann Williams, widow of Benjamin--, CharlestonProof of service unsatisfactory.
Roger M. Williams (deceased), heirs of--, EdgefieldFor proof of service.
John Wingo--, SpartanburgFor proof of service.
James Wilson--, FairfieldAlleges three years service in the sixth regiment South Carolina linerecords at Colnmbia should furnish proof.
Bates Wrenn--, EdgefieldNot on the rolls of the line, and there were no six months tours in Virginia, and no volunteers.
Henry Wood--, GreenvilleHe did not serve six months.
Jesse Woodward--, SumterHe did not serve six months.
Thomas Woodward--, SumterHe did not serve six months.
James Young--, BarnwellRequired to specify each tour with the material facts, and ascertain how far the books of the comptroller general of South Carolina verify or repudiate his services.
Vina Young, widow of James--, AndersonService admitted--proof of marriage deficient.

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