South Carolina Loyalists
Biographical Sketches

by Victoria Proctor

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NESBIT, William - listed in the Royal Gazette Confiscations List of 20 March 1782 as a Class II

NESBIT, Sir John - "Heirs" of listed in the Royal Gazette Confiscations List of 20 March 1782 as a Class I

NELSON, _____ - Father of Joshua Nelson who filed a claim with the commission (see below). This Nelson operated a ferry, known as Nelson's Ferry, on the Santee River in St. John's Parish, South Carolina. In 1780 when the British arrived, Nelson ran the ferry under the command of a British officer, but in 1781 he died of smallpox.

NELSON, Joshua - Son of ? Nelson, above, Joshua Nelson joined the New York Volunteers in 1781, and was later a field driver in the royal artillery. At the evacuation of Charleston in 1782, Joshua Nelson embarked for Ireland in the 105th Regiment, and when that unit was reduced, he went to London, where he claimed 296 sterling jointly with Ann Nelson. The elder Nelson had two other sons, William and Ambrose, both of whom served with the British, although Ambrose had previously enlisted in the American militia. Both William and Ambrose were dead in 1787. There were also two daughters in the family, one of whom was married and living in the Bahamas after the war.

NICKLES, James - A native of Ireland, Nickles immigrated to America in 1773 and settled at Ninety Six, where he had 200 acres, twenty-one cleared. Served under General Cunningham in 1775; later joined the British Army at Savannah in 1779, and served for the rest of the war in Colonel Innes' Corps. Nickles was a captain in the militia. After the war, he settled at Rawdon, Nova Scotia.

NUNKASER, Adam - American born, lived at Ninety Six, South Carolina on 200 acres he bought with cattle, horse and other trade items. Joined the British in 1780 and served under Colonel Ferguson in the militia. At the evacuation of Charleston in 1782, he moved to Nova Scotia. Appears on Colonel Benjamin Roebuck's List of Tory Militia, 1783 as Adan Nooncarser.


CLASS I - Comprehends all British subjects who have property in this country, that is to say, such persons as never have submitted to the American Government.

CLASS II - Such of the former inhabitants of this Country, as presented congratulatory addresses to Sir Henry Clinton and Admiral Arbuthnot

CLASS III - Those who petitioned to be armed in defence of the British Government, after the conquest of this Province

CLASS IV - Those who congratulated Earl Cornwallis, on the victory gained at Camden

CLASS V - Those who have borne commissions, civil or military, under the British Government, since the conquest of this Province

CLASS VI - Obnoxious Persons

Source Notes:

1. Confiscated estates lists, published in the Royal Gazette newspaper at Charleston, 20 March 1782.

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Record group includes returns filed by Tory militia commanders filed in 1783, as a result of Ordinance No. 1189, passed by the South Carolina Fifth General Assembly 17 March 1783.

Graphics and background property of Victoria Proctor

Graphics by Victoria

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