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South Carolina Ships' Lists
by Victoria Proctor

Submitted by Donna Jean Glasgow, 2006
with the permission of Leatha A Betts

The Snow Betty Gregg out of Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland sailed 4 Oct. 1767, arrived Charlestown before 2 Feb. 1768

John Monford, Master

[Note: 287 listed, List incomplete.]

1st 143 surnames Public Treasurer paid passage for 4 pounds 2 shillings to Misters Torrans and 2 pounds sterling was paid to each of first 147 passengers.

The Potts and Brawfords paid their own passage, the rest were given free passage and "poor protestant" (grants of S. Car. issued order 1761) land grants following the arrival, head of household received 100 acres, wife and above age 12, children received 50 acres.

Lord Govenor Granville signed the grants.

John Gaston received 150 acres on Fishing Creek

1 March 1768 warrants for survey:
William Stroud received 450 acres on Rocky Creek
John Anthony received 100 acres on Fishing Creek
Thomas Ford received 100 acres on Waters of Catawba River

Those who received land in Craven Co.

James Weatherspoon rec. 50 acres
Jacob Farrar rec. 200 acres
Benjamin Cobb rec. 200 acres
James Snow rec. 100 acres
William Wear rec. 200 acres
Daniel Polk rec. 300 acres
John Miller rec. 100 acres
John Scott rec. 250 acres
William Loocock rec. 300 acres
Jacob Buchten rec. 150 acres
John Cannada rec. 200 acres
John Marion rec. 300 acres
John Potts rec. 150 acres
James Snow rec. 100 acres
Thomas Connolly rec. 100 acres
Andrew Allison rec. 150 acres
John Graham rec. 500 acres
Thomas Preswood rec. 150 acres
Griffen Harris rec. 100 acres
Dennis Hagen rec. 150 acres
Middleton McDonald rec. 100
William Denkins rec. 200 acres
George Wagner rec. 200 acres
Jacob Farrar (Jr.or Sr.?) rec. 200 acres
Lodrick Laird rec. 100 acres
Benjamin Rawlinson rec. 200 acres
William Cabler rec. 100 acres

The rest of 144 surnames rec. land in Berkeley Co./Colleton Co./Granville Co./ ["along the" --added by vp] Santee, Edisto, Saludy, Waterees, Warrior's Ennoree, Savannah, Broad, Brown's, Bull's Run, Black or Lynches Creeks

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