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South Carolina Ships' Lists
by Victoria Proctor

The Earl of Hillsborough
sailed for South Carolina from Belfast on Christmas Eve 1766
arrived Charleston February 19, 1767

Journal of the South Carolina Council
Council Journal 33, page 41-50
Meeting of the 27th, February 1767.

ORDERED that the Secretary do prepare Warrants of Survey on the Bounty agreeable to prayers of their petitions and that the public Treasure do pay the Bounties given by the said Act to Messrs, Torrans and Pouag and Mr. Robert Bath for the owners of the ship Hillsborough in consideration of their passages to the said prvience agreeable to the directions of the said Act.

The following persons also presented petitions setting forth that they were protestants and had come into this province the said ship Earl of Hillsborough on the encouragement of the said Act and there forth to be allowed the Bounty given by the same.

Marg’t Kennedy55
Mary Yourat30
James McCradam13
John Cameron8
Marg’t Cameron5
Mary Miscampble30
James Miscampble15
Robert Miscampble9
Robert Kirkwood15
James Kirkwood13
Mary McBribe33
James McBribe8
Andrew McBribe3
Elizabeth Boggs33
Elizabeth Boggs10
Jannett Young45
Robert Bath17
Samuel Young7
Martha Foster21
Elizabeth Youart25
Mary Yourat6
Rachel Montgomery30
Samuel Montgomery13
William Montgomery12
Latitia Montgomery9
Rachel Youart60
Sara Bennison45
George Bennsion14
Agnes Lindsey35
John Lindsey7
Robert Lindsey 5
Elizabeth Lindley 3
Sarah Watts35
James Watts 14
Margaret Watts 12
Andrew Watts 6
Thomas Watts 4
Margaret Murdagh 35
Joseph Murdagh 7
Mary Murdagh6
Elizabeth Murdagh 3
Marther Ross 25
Margaret Wiley26
Catherine McCadam26
John McCadam 10
Catherine McCadam 7
John McCadam 2
Isabell Ellis 26
Arabella Linder 21
Alexander Anderson8
Mary Anderson6
John Anderson 1
Agnes Johns 35
James Johns 13
John Johns7
William Reid12
Mary Reid 8
Sara Reid 5
Hannah Reid 3
Agnes Murdack25
Jannett Murdack 4
Margaret Wright26
Agnes Stone 29
Thomas Slone 3
Ann Branford58
Mary Raverty45
Margaret Raverty 10
Malcolm Raverty 8
Jellie Camron 46
James Camron 13
Margaret Camron17
Agnes Humphries 40
Agnes Humphries 11
Jane Patterson40
Alexander Patterson 14
Margaret Laird 36
James Shanks 3
Ester Plessley 36
Samuel Plessley11
David Plessley 6
Agnes Plessley4
Sarah Hanvey 26
Jane Hanvey3
Rose McPharlin 36
Archibald McPharlin7
Jane McPharlin 5
George McPharlin 3
Rebecca McCombe 21
Eliza’h Major 35
David Major 13
Mary Major15
Jane Russel 34
Ester Major 7
Mary Russel 8
Martha Russel3
Eliz’h Lindsay35
Agnes Lindsay13
Elza’h Lindsay4
Thomas Lindsay1
James Lindsay3
Elizabeth Thomson25
Jane McCrahen30
Jane Wood30
Isobell Wood25
William Anderson6
Elizabeth Anderson2
Elizabeth Porter25
Margaret Gray14
James Patterson25

The Petitioners set forth that they were Protestants and that they lately arrived in this Province on the encouragement of the Bounty given by the said Act of the General

Assemble of this Province passed the 25th. July 1761 and therefore praying the same and they having severally produced Certificates required by the Act.

IT WAS ORDERED that the public Treasuer do pay several Bounties to Messers. Torrans and Bath in the said Ship.

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Journal of the South Carolina Council
Meeting of the 27th, February 1767.

The Earl of Hillsborough sailed for South Carolina from Belfast on Christmas Eve 1766.

She reached Charleston February 19, 1767 " with two hundred and thirty protestant settlers, encouraged by the large given by this province, and the success their country men with in the several settlements here."

[South Carolina and American General Gazette, February 20, 1767.]


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