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South Carolina Ships' Lists
by Victoria Proctor

Brig Hope, to Charlestown & South Carolina.

Source: Newry Chronicle, 1792-1793,
(The Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.)

We the undersigned passengers who 
sailed from Ireland to Charlestown & South Carolina 
in the Brig HOPE, Captain Nicholas Suter 
return thanks  
 this 2nd day of 
November 1791.
Dr. Fitzpatrick & family. 
Terence Farrell. 
Edward Hamill. 
John Doud. 
Alex Henry. 
Lawrence O'Reilly. 
John Cully. 
Pat Carragher. 
James McEvoy. 
William Alexander. 
Henry Duffy. 
Pat McCan. 
Michael Carragher. 
Thomas Carragher. 
George Corbly. 
Philip Carolan. 
James Beath. 
Edward Carragher. 
John Rice. 
Pat Duffy. 
Lawrence Carr. 
Samuel Sturt & family. 
Matthew Shil. 
Ferrall Relly. 
Anthony Ryan. 
Mary Southwell. 
Pat Holland. 
William Stuart. 
Thomas Fulton & family. 
Pat Murphy. 
James Hunter & family. 
Nicholas Gartany. 
Edward Plunket. 
William Sweart. 
Samuel McSpadin & family. 
Anthony McCreedy & family. 
George Anderson. 
James Turly & family. 
James Henderson & family. 
Alexander Henry & family. 
Owen McElinn. 
Thomas Try. 

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Hugh Dawson. 
Matthew Dugan. 
James Dawson. 
John Dawson & family. 
William McCredy. 
Mary McSpadin. 
Eliza Fleming. 
Daniel Kelly. 
Daniel Graham. 
Mary Graham. 
Hugh Duffy. 
An. Henderson. 
Esther Dawson. 
Anne Dawson. 
Terence Hynds. 

Total souls on board including the families 
of married people, 120
Nicholas Connell, Ship's Steward. 

Extract by Victoria Proctor, 2003

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