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Fred Hoose
Interested in more info on Major George Wolsey VAN HOOSE, USM B. 15 Oct 1883 d. 31 Jul 1944 m. Pauline MIDDLETON d. 14 Dec 1944. Particularly interested in George's place of birth, parents, siblings and any children he and Pauline may have had.
1 Apr 1998

Donna Sullivan
Would like info on Ann VAUGHN, mother of  Rev. Robert ADAMS
b.07 Oct 1765 d. 30 May 1847, Charleston SC.
25 Apr 1998

John Simons
Seeking info on the VERNON family. Ggrandmother was Ida VERNON she married Dr. Joseph PALMER of Springfield Plantation, Upper St. John's Parish. Have a great deal of letters from the VERNON Cottage, but facts, names, and places are not clear. 
She had a brother named Russell and a sister named Ella.
14 Feb 1998

Daria Villeponteaux
Looking for any info on the history of the VILLEPONTEAUX's and their genealogy in SC. Are of  French Heugonot descent. The first to land on the eastern seaboard was believed to be Pierre VILLEPONTEAUX between 1650 and 1680. During these years, there were mass immigrations of Heugonots from Europe to NY, Charleston, and a little area on the Savannah River called 
Yamacrow Bluffs. VILLEPONTEAUX's brick built some of the historical Churches in downtown Charleston. Looking for any VILLEPONTEAUX info from 1600s to 1900s in SC. Also any info on the ship "Richmond" that landed in Charleston in 1680. It carried 75 French Heugonots from England.
1 Apr 1998

Valerie Volaski
Trying to locate any info on Agnes Berkman VOLASKI b. 21 August 1869 d. 3 April 1969. Trying to determine if she was married to a relative.
20 May 1998

Ann Lay
Looking for info on Lucinda WALKER b. November 1818 Charleston. She was of Irish descent and died at the age of 60 on 
29 Nov 1878. She was buried with her husband, James Bardin in Salinas, CA. James was born 1810 NC. They were married in 1842. She had three sisters, Polly, Betty and Mandy and three brothers, Alexander, Tom and Hugh.
22 Feb 1998

Woody Weatherford
Looking for any info on Elias WEATHERFORD. He was 
discharged from the army after the war of 1812 and married Charlotte GODFREY. They settled near Holly Hill, SC. which was at that time the Saint James Goose Creek Parish of the Charleston District.
20 May 1998

Shirley Derington
Looking for info on the WEATHERLY, WAIGHT, and COLE families of Charleston. The WEATHERLY family belonged to the Saint Helena Parish in the late 1700's. Captain Isaac WEATHERLY was captured at Charleston harbor during the Revolutionary War by the British. His wife's name was STATIRA (possible surname of SANFORD) and she died of yellow fever in 1802, Charleston, St. Philip's Parish. William WEATHERLY (Isaac's father) married Sarah COLE. Thomas WEATHERLY received a land grant in 1744 and married a WAIGHT.
29 Jan 1998

Gayla Soo
Seeking help on WESTENDORF family, especially, C.P.L. WESTENDORF. There are a great many buried in the Charleston cemeteries.
5 Apr 1998

Bob White
Robert Downie White b. July 1824 Charleston. Cannot find anyone that name, thought someone named DOWNIE, possibly Robert DOWNIE might be related and that he had a daughter who married 
a WHITE. Know that they had a son also named Robert Downie WHITE and that that this name was repeated several times in family line. Have searched the various census and did find a Robert D. WHITE and his family in 1870 living at Broad and Logan streets. 
He was supposedly ( a family legend) a Colonel in the Civil War, 
but cannot find his name listed among those in the Confederacy, he could be in the state or city militia. He was also a stonemason. Have also tracked Robert through the 1880 census and the 1900 census. 
(In 1900, he lived in Brooklyn NY and suspect he died there 
although family legend has it that he is buried in Charleston. Suspect he was Scots and may have been Presbyterian. His wife was Amelia S. RUGER and they were married abt 1860 Where could records be to assist in this search?
6 Jun 1998

Carlyle W. Blomme
Would like info on Theodore Archibald WHITHEY. He lived in Charleston in the 1840's to the 1870's. He was a broker by trade. 
Would like to have info on his wife, parents, or other family members.
24 Feb 1998

Calvin Wiggins
Researching Jesse WIGGINS, believe he is brother to Thomas WIGGINS who was in Charleston or Berkley Co. in 1706.
27 Mar 1998

David Williams
Looking for info on James WILLIAMS m. Jane HISLOP June 1797, Charleston, SC, and; James WILLIAMS listed in the Old 96 District.
26 Jan 1998

Debra Maddox Wilson
Looking for info on WINGARD family that came from Germany in the early 1700.
31 March 1998

Don W. Allen
Seeking info on Francis WITHERS. He was born ca 1768, probably in VA. He was living in SC in 1832. He spent part of the year in Georgetown and part in Charleston. Suspect he died in the 1850s in one of these counties. Would like to have a copy of  Francis WITHER's will. Would like to contact someone who could research this for me. I suspect he was my ggrandmother's father.
19 Apr 1998

Bev Witter
Looking for info on my husband's gggrandfather's parent, John B. WITTER b. 1801 SC. I have traced most WITTERs of SC to Johns Island area back to 1600s. They married and intermarried with BEE, RIVERS and SVERENS.
4 Feb 1998

Susan Wragg Reddy
Interested in contacting any descendants of the WRAGG family of England who settled in Charleston. Please contact me.
28 Jan 1998

Gary Young
Trying to locate/identify Louis Gourdin YOUNG, immigrated to Charleston from Nova Scotia ca 1850. He was Captain of the Harbour Guards in 1861, on staff of Pettigrew's Brigade, Gettysburg by 1863. Hoping to pick up trail of him/his descendants ca post-war.
27 Mar 1998

Warren Olson
Looking for info on Reuben ZOLLERS b.1840 d. 1900 Charleston. Came from PA.
12 Apr 1998

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