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Submitted By Betty Solesbee

These records were copied verbatim from this Bible. I make no representations as to the accuracy or inaccuracy of these records. -- B. Solesbee

John HITCH, Esq. Departed this life June 29th, 1849 in the seventy sixth year of his age.

Katherine HITCH (consort of John HITCH, Esq.) departed this life July 2, 1851 in the sixty eighth year of her age.

James TEMPLETON departed this life January the 29th, 1857

A.E. TEMPLETON departed this life October 26, 1879 [Wrote by Ann E. TEMPLETON--blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

Mary HITCH (consort of Louther HITCH) departed this life November 28th, 1789

Joshua HITCH (son of Louther HITCH and Mary his wife) departed this life February 5th, 1808

Louther HITCH departed this life August 19th, 10 o'clock 1838-aged 87 years, 9 months and 14 days (Note: He would have been born under the old calender and died under the new calender; i.e. making his DOB Nov. 16, 1750 old style calender and Nov. 5, 1750 new calender)

Joseph CIPER (note: could be PIPER) departed this life the 25th December, 1837

Elizabeth HITCH (consort of Louther HITCH) departed this life October 20TH, 1840

Berry T. THACKSTON departed this life January 9TH, 1869

Nancy Caroline HITCH (daughter of John HITCH and Katharine his wife) departed this life August 12, 1820

Mary N. HUTCHISON (daughter of John HITCH and Katharine his wife) departed this life October 18th, 1825

John Henry HITCH (son of John HITCH and Katharine his wife) departed this life August 27th, 1837

Margaret H. TEMPLETON (daughter of John HITCH and Katharine his wife) departed this life June 4th, 1844

William Henry TEMPLETON died October 18, 1842 (note: the 1842 is not very clear at all)

Nancy Caroline HUTCHINSON (daughter of James Elliott HUTCHINSON and Mary NICHOLSON HITCH, his wife) was born August 14, 1824
J.M. THACKSTON was born October 16th, 1842
Isabella Adela TEMPLETON (daughter of James TEMPLETON and A.E. HITCH, his wife was born February 2nd, 1846
Berry T. THACKSTON was born August 23, 1866 (note: not sure of the 66)
Henry M. THACKSTON born February 10th, 1868
Hermettia J. THACKSTON born February 23, 1870
Nannie Elizabeth THACKSTON born January 22, 1872
John HITCH son of Louther HITCH and Mary his wife born February 4, 1773
Katherine HANNA daughter of Robert HANNA and Mary his wife born September 14, 1783
Joshua HITCH son of L. HITCH and Mary his wife was born June 1st, 1779
William Henry TEMPLETON born July 3, 1844
Isabella Adela TEMPLETON born February 2, 1846
Perry Franklin TEMPLETON born June 30, 1850
Clayton Walker Calhoun TEMPLETON born March 28, 1833
William Winder HITCH son of John HITCH and Katharine his wife born March 22, 1802
Mary Nicholson born October 5, 1804
Ann Elizabeth born December 18, 1807
Isabella Jane born May 19, 1810
Marget Hanna born March 23, 1813
John Henry born September 25, 1815
Nancy Caroline born July 22, 1818
Katharine Carson born March 19, 1823

John HITCH and Katharine HANNA married 17th March, 1801 (note could be 19TH)

James M. THACKSTON and Adella TEMPLETON was married by the Rev. C. B. Stewart the 9th of November, 1865

Clayton Walker TEMPLETON to Amanda C. THACKSTON was married by Rev. C.B. Stewart November 21st, 1872

William W. HITCH and Nancy ? (not legible) married the 13th February 1828?? (year not clear)

James E. HUTCHINSON and Mary N. HITCH married the 10th of April ??(year missing)

A.L. HUTCHINSON and Isabelle J. HITCH married September 18th (looks to be 1837)

David C. TEMPLETON and Margaret H. HITCH was married February 13th, 183? (note: last number on year not readable)

James TEMPLETON and Ann E. HITCH was married the 10th day of November 1842

John TOLAND and Nancy C. HUTCHINSON was married 22nd day of December 1842

Clarke B. STEWART and Katharine Carson HITCH by the Rev. Lewers the 5th of October 1843

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