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Mills, Robert

Robert Mills was born on August 12, 1781 in Charleston, SC. He is known as one of the first American-born professional architects.

He studied with the English-trained American architect Benjamin H. Latrobe and later worked in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore. In 1820 Mills became state architect and engineer of South Carolina. In 1836 President Jackson appointed Mills as the official architect of public buildings for the U.S. government.

An exponent of the Greek Revival style, Mills achieved finely porportioned, simple, yet monumental effects in his work. Mills's more than 50 major works included colleges, prisons, hospitals, houses, canals, bridges, and breakwaters. One of his best-known structures is the Washington momument in Washington, D.C. He also designed the Washington momument in Baltimore, Maryland. Other well know works of Mills are the Treasury, the Old Patent Office in Washington, D.C. and the wings of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Mills died on March 3, 1855, in Washington, D.C. leaving behind a hansom collection of structures that can still be appreciated by millions today.