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Gibson, William

Most would be surprised to learn that the term "cyberspace" had roots in the state of South Carolina. Nevertheless, Conway born author William Gibson wrote many science fiction novels including Neuromancer, in which he depicts a network of computers with "unthinkable complexity" called "cyberspace." He also contributed words to the science fiction vocabulary such as "virtual reality". Much of his work is based on "Orwell style" science fiction that portrays a bleak future for humans, being ruled by technology. His books opened the door to cyberpunk literature, a genre in which large corporations and deteriorating values dominate the world of the future.

Gibson received his start as a contributor to the science fiction magazine Omni. He received recognition for his complex plots and the interesting situations into which he placed his characters. Neuromancer is considered by some to be perhaps the most important science fiction work of the 1980's.