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Mineral Resources of South Carolina

South Carolina's mineral resources are mainly crushed stone, sand & gravel, various clays and some industrial metals.

Where to Find Gems in South Carolina

Abbeville County: Zircon, garnet and corundum are available at "pay to dig" sites. At "pay to dig'' sites permission ·is needed.

Anderson County: Beryl, zircon and amethyst can be had at "pay to dig" sites.

Cherokee County: Near the town of Cowpens and the town of Gaffney off of US 85 the gem hunter can find garnet, tourmaline and quartz.

Greenville County: The gem kyanite along with smoky and clear quartz, sillimanite, garnet and tourmaline can all be found at "pay to dig" sites .

McCormick County: Near the town of Iva the gem hunter may find beryl, and golden beryl at "pay to dig" areas.

Oconee County: Gems to be found are cats eye, sillimanite, quartz and garnet.

Spartanburg County: Garnet, tourmaline, and quartz.

York County: Zircon, corundum, garnet, tourmaline, and quartz.

                    Rock crystal from Arkansas     

Geological Societies in South Carolina


S.C.'s Geologic History

Resources for this website included pamphlets from the various places we visited and the book Carolina Rocks! by Carolyn Hanna Murphy

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