BRUNSON, Abraham 1716 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp. Listed

BRUNSON, Abraham 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp Listed   

BRUNSON, Charles 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed

BRUNSON, George 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed 

BRUNSON, Isaac 1716 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp. Listed  

BRUNSON, Isaac 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp Listed 

BRUNSON, Isaac 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed 

BRUNSON, Isaac 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed

BRUNSON , Joseph 1716 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp. Listed   

BRUNSON , Joseph 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp Listed

BRUNSON , Moses 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed

BRUNSON , William 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed 

BRUSNOSN , Charles 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp List

Don Brunson writes:

The settlement of Pallachocolas, consisted of 200 people who landed in 1734 at Port Royal on a ship from England before proceeding to Pallachocolas.  He states that some families in this area may date from this event.  information on pallachocolas  information on pallachocolas   map that shows Pallachocolas Main street in present day Allendale in 1873 was still call Gate St.

On my Brunson line which  appears on the 1800 Barnwell census and John A . Brunson's 1814 Will, on which his name is spelled Brunston. 1875 Capt Jones "Salt-Catchers in the Revolutionary War" listed 4 Brunstons. The 1820 Census names Brunson . The name Edger shows as last name in England and GA. And a name of Payton which is middle name of my family, I don’t were it came from, shows up in England and Ga.  There are 4 Old Brunsons cemeteries within a 10 area that had been in Orangeburg Beaufort Allendale Hampton Co the cemeteries Didn’t Move.  Brunsons were buried in these cemeteries before The Churchs were located there.   In Barnwell land deeds back to 1785, we see Brunsons selling lot of land  but buying very little.  Where did the land come from?

On 11-12-1826, under oath, Elizabeth Brunson Hess declared that her father Alexander, a Continental soldier, was killed by the Tories the last month of the war and that his home was in Colleton District at the Cowpens (Leonardo Andrea, file for Brunson, S.C Arch.).



JOHN A BRUNSON abt 1775 –1843 Wife Elizabeth abt 1780  Children Jacob Brunson ABT 1803,  John A Brunson  Abt 1800, Uriah D Brunson Abt 1809, William A Brunson Aft 1812, Elizabeth Brunson  Abt 1815,  unknown male on 1820 Census

1814 Will of John A Brunson names children: Jacob, John A, Uriah D., and William


Benj.. Allen D.S. sold  John  Brunson, Sr. 108 Acres Jackson Branch, Whippy Swamp, Great Salketcher Apr.1 1824 Bounded by John Allen, Estate of B Best, Charles Gray, Catherine Croft, and  John Brunson Book Barnwell Land 4 and 5 page 236 Mar 29 1824


 4-6-1829 John A Brunson sold to Hiram A Edenfield  50 acres for 100 dollars, Bound north by Burton Ferry Road leading to Buford's Bridge and Estate of Stepson Roberts; Witness John Googe, William N. Edenfield  BK-4 PG 60 SC Archives      


John A Brunson died 10-25-1843  From book of Wills  Amdr. William S Harley 1848 Suit  Elizabeth  M  Brunson Children: Uriah D,  William A.,  Nephew Charles Henry,  grandson Robert,  Elizabeth, -Andrew Johnson moved to GA   


Elizabeth Brunson and others to James G. Barker: Deed the State of South Carolina Barnwell Dist.  Know  to all men by these presents that we: Elizabeth Brunson, John A Brunson , Uriah Brunson, Williams Brunson Andrew Johnson and  Elizabeth Johnson wife of Andrew Johnson, and Harriet Brunson the  wife of John A Brunson in the state aforesaid in consideration of the sum 150 dollars to be paid in hand by James G Barker that parcel  land known as the Thomas tract, 396 acres more or less, on Jackson Branch bound North by James G Barker, East by William R Barker,  South Est. R C Robert .  Witness  Andrew Johnson  S.C Archives  8 -3 - 1845  Bk BB  Pg 444 


GENERATION II   JACOB BRUNSON Abt 1800 -1880 Married abt1827 Harriet Myrick  Abt 1805-  Children  Eli  Abt. 1828,  Eliza Abt1831, Miley abt 1835, Sarah abt 1837 and Jane. Abt 1844. On 1830 and 1840 Census listed unknowns in household Male Born 1815, Male born about 1835 and Female abt. 1815


Mary Myrick and others 1834 deed to William Cave S C Barnwell Dist.  Where is Eli Myrick deceased having at his death  and estate as will payment of his delfts as to be divide among my heirs  Mary Myrick  his Widow John  Myrick  his son Nancy Faust, Harriet Brunson wife of Jacob Brunson  Mary Southwell wife  Robert Southwell Sarah McMillian wife of  Jame McMilliam  Emily Riley wife of James W Riley and Winnifield Dunie Who has serve aforesaid Jane W William  daughter of said Eli Myrick deceased his last will and testament with more fully show and in which he the said Eli Myrick deceased  did county and state and appoint John Myrick his trustee for his two daughters Mary Southwell  and Winfield Dune Find he also afros this said son John Myrick the sale Executer to said  etc. 140 acres for 250 dollars  on Hurricane Branch of Big Cypress bound by William Barker and William F Barker  

BW 18  VOL  AA - BB  1842 - 1847 Jacob Brunson  To Uriah J Brunson  Know all men by these presents  Bill of Sale  state S C

Sold 2000.00  5 slaves Sold Slaves  Dave Negro boy Jan or Fan a Negro  women and their 3 children Jeanor , Dinah ,and  July Sold 24 March 1842 and in the sixty six year of the independence of the United States of America 

John Myrick, Harriet Brunson, Ann Faust, and others Conveyance  To  Jone U Williams, South Carolina,  Barnwell District   John Myrick, Harriet Brunson, Ann Faust,  James Williams,  James W Riley, and R G Southwell of the District and State aforesaid and Jones R or K McMillan of the state of Florida for and in Consideration of the sum of seven thousand two hundred and eighty dollars to us in hand by  Jone U Williams all that certain tract of parcel of land situate lying and in the district of Barnwell and state aforesaid on wells branch waters of the great salkatchee ingenerating of two tracts former belonging to Eli uncle and Mary Myrick decreased containing in all one thousand and forty one  acres more or less  Witness our hand and seal this 12 day of feb1863 in the present  E J Brunson E Burke, James W Riley  R.G Southwell Sign by John Myrick, Harriet Brunson,  Ann Faust, J.W Williams  SC ARCHIVES  1-4-1875  BK  III  PG 667


Brunson Harriet to Eliza Williams, Jane Creech, Milley Johnson, Barnwell Co. in town of Great Cypress Estate of Jacob Brunson 150 Acres for sum of five dollars bound east by Rebecca Williams south by James Campbell C A Bennett and Mrs. Hazel and Susan Brown Witness G J Neare J A Huge 11-1885 BK 5-E PG  432 SC ACRHIVE   Harriet Brunson  and daughter: Sarah E Living with son in law William Russell William on 1880 Barnwell census  


II JOHN A BRUNSON> Abt 1805 -1850 Harriet Brunson wife Children Robert G b.Aft 1839 Williams M  b Aft 1841 John A Brunson  died 1850 1852 suit WINTON Book of Wills  Mar. Harriet children  Robert and Williams


 Sheriff of Barnwell  This Deed had on it  50ct To  Conveyance  U L Rev Hamp Harriet Brunson  State of S C  To all to whom these may concern of GNGU Walker  Esquire Sheriff of Barnwell Co in the state aforesaid Greeting Wherever by verdure a writ of fierier facial issued out of the country of common plea for country of Barnwell Posted the 24 March 1868 and refundable according to have to me directly lodges in my office on the 24 March 1868 commanding me of the goods Ehaffels house, land and here dittander and real estate of W R Williams to levy the sum of 68 dollars debt and costs which J C Allen by the judgment the said W R Williams


Harriet Brunson  Indenture R G Brunson South Carolina Barnwell Country This indenture made and entice wits Nov 16 1880 between Harriet Brunson William M Brunson and Robert G Brunson of the state and county aforesaid witness self Harriet Brunson of the first part do here by agree to take as my share in the real estate of John A Brunson the matters half of a certain tract known as the gunny hill half which contains in acres104 acres My Oahu of all half to be 52 aces William M Brunson of the second tract do here by agree to take my share in the real estate of John A Brunson my father Decease 75 acres is which is known as the house tract the which containing 250 acres I to take the land in the north in  Robert G Brunson of the third part do herby agree to take as my share in the real estate of the late John A Brunson my father decreased  the south in half which is known as gunny hill tract of land and also the south half of the house trust ?? Containing 25 acres Witness 1880   Book 4 Z Page 568 SC Archive 

Harriet Brunson to  C.P Williams  all that tract 14.5  acres 125 dollars in  hand bound  by est. John  Wilson ,G O Riley C P Williams and ORANGEBURG Rd. Witness R R Harley and G B William SC Archive Book 4 y  Page  7  9-1-1885   


II  URIAH BRUNSON Abt 1811 Wife Sarah Abt 1825 Children: Anna 9.0pt; M 1846, Rachel 1847, William 1854, Urain1855, Charles 1857 Josian 1859 On 1840 Barnwell Census Uriah 20-30 unknown Female 30 -40 and Male 15 -20  

1-6-1874 Sheriff G W Walker Uriah Brunson to JJ Allen 50 dollars paid to town 98 ACS by Seth Williams BK FFF PG 631 SC Archives


II   William A BRUNSON ab 1820 Found no wife or children on 1850  Barnwell  census looks like his Mother and her nephew are living with him .1850 Census Brunson, William 30  Eliza  65  SC Henry  15  SC


William A Brunson  from Lewis O Bannon laid out unto William A Brunson a tract of land 47 acres located Miller Swamp bound ,Savannah Baily , R L Hober, William A Brunson Survey 9 Dec 1839  John A Allen Plat B 3 page 390 Barnwell SC


William A Brunson  deed of TO Luray Jackson Conveyance Barnwell Co S C Known all men present that Will Brunson Country and State foresaid 200 dollars in hand grand bargain sell and released unto Luray Jackson all that tract containing 80 Acres More or less situated near the waters of Jackson creek bound A S Allen, Dirch S Stoney, E W Rilling, and Marian JC Creech. In Witness 8 April 1859  JA Hani, B J Ferguson 


William A -Will 1855-1868 Book of Wills exec Josiah T Brabham Witness James C Brown, Wm H Duncan, W A Owens 


II ELIZABERT BRUNSON Married Andrew Johnson and they moved to Georgia


II HENRY CHARLES BRUNSON abt 1835 nephew of John A Brunson 1775  Wife Abt Mary 1835 on Roll  MT.Arnon Church. Children  Elizabeth  abt 1864  and Corah   


 17TH South Carolina Inf. Reg.Evan's Tramp Brigade Company G Barnwell Co. Brunson, C.H., Corporal, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox


Mary A Brunson  Know as estate Henry Brunson TO Theodosia E Googe  Barnwell SC Jan 1893 For 1080 dollars  all that tract of land containing 108 acres more or less bound by Matter Billing , All Charms,WEST Owen Riley Brunson, John Stanley, S l Bryles, North O. R. Brunson  Witness  A. W. Owen L. W. Googe SC Archives 5 Z  Pg 641 

GENERATION III   ELI J or I BRUNSON abt 1828 -1874 wife unknown.  Our oral tradition is that he went to an Indian reservation and traded for one of the children, Clara, 1871 Owen Riley, Eli P, 1873  John Myrick to Eli Brunson Barnwell County head of Well Branch waters of the Great Salkehatchie 100  Dollars  96 Acres Bound NE William Barker  SE By Estate of John Cox Phely  North by Ellis Witness by Joel McMilliam , S Bishop .Book CC Page 532 S C Archives

 H W Richardson conveyance to E J Brunson  Country of Barnwell  Known all men by these presents that I. H. W. Richardson of the  County and State aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars then to me in hand paid by Ely Brunson of the county and state have granted, bargained, sold unto the said Ely Brunson the piece or lot of land lying being of State in the village of Allendale Bound by Gage street and  Railroad street . SC ArchiIves BK. FFF P.477  9/5/1873 This document still in family. The Store was operated by Eli J and later by son Eli Payton the Store lot today is a park.    

III ELIZA WILLIAMS 1831 married  William R William abt. 1835 birth place New York  Children  Mary C.1857  Harriet S .1859,George B 1862  Williams R  1865  Edwin H  1868  Dicey M  1871 On 1880 Barnwell Census Look like they were living with Eliza mother and sister 0n Jacob estate Harriet Bronson  widow 76 1804 Sarah E Bronson  sister 40 1840 . Most are buried at Cave Church.    Jone M Williams to Mary C Williams Barnwell CO SC for the sum of 400 dollars 100 acres on well branch bound NE Jack Myrick east south and west M Williams Survey by J B Calding Witness I Augus Williams Jacob B Augley sc archives book g pg 130 1874     

 III MILEY E BRUNSON  1836  married G T Johnson birth place Georgia.  Children: T.B. 1860 SON, M.E. 1865, Daughter RL Johnson 1866, SON and S.A 1876 Daughter born MS. Family Move in 1870’ S to Tate Mississippi . Nov 23 1885 Miley Sold to Harriet Brunson 500 dollars 15 acres Jacob Brunson estate book SE  Page 432 SC Archives.      

III  JANE ANN WINNIFRED BRUNSON 9.0pt;  18 Apr 1843 - 20 Jun 1925 married William Henry Creech  1 Nov 1833  15 Apr 1926  Children  Benjamin Franklin  4 Nov 1859 - 12 Jan 1951 William Lawrence 8 Feb 1862 - 15 Nov 1945 Charlie Simpson 19 Mar 1867 - 05 Feb 1958 Joe Quinn  1869 - 11Dec 1927 Mary Cornelia  Jul 29,1872 - Oct 05, 1878 Savannah Bates  22 may 1873 - 3 Mar 1912 Sallie Jane Creech 31 Oct 1877 - 8 Jan 1966 Most are buried .Allen Chapel Baptist Church

 III ROBERT G BRUNSON 7-10-1842  1-22 -1894 married Mary  Baily  Had no Children. Buried at Cave Church 

 Robert Brunson sold to Jane F Brunson  75 acres for 750 dollars bound North by Jane F Brunson south by J S Starey  east by David McMillian and west by  Jane F Brunson witness B F Barker ,U J Harley  Jan 26 1882 BK 4Z  PG 559  S C ACHIVES  

Robert Brunson to David McMillian Jan 2 1885 sold 82 acres for sum of 400 dollars bound north by Jane Brunson east by Jack Baskin and Rufus Priesten south Pinkey Cave BK 4P PG 364 SC AHVICES Robert Brunson estate 1894 Adr  W J Googe  Estate one horse  60 dollars  one sow 3. 50 dollars Five Pigs 10 dollars one buggy 15 dollars one single wagon 6 dollars Total 94. 50 Mary File for homestead 1898 sixty Acres bound by J Bradley Mary Willfont-family:Arial; color:black'> Name of Testator Mary Brunson wife of R G Brunson EX of Estate Friend W.F. Googe all to niece Lillie Williams and children except to Robert Boyd Kearse 1 feather bed 2 pillows 2 quits to Minnie Ethel Williams 1 feather bed 1 mattress 2 pillows 2 quits and to Mary Brunson Wife of the late Eli P Brunson 1 feather bed 1 mattress 2 pillows 2 quits pair of springs and bedstead which I am now using. Pack. 2 -296 Book GGGG Page 164 D 1-24-1908           

III WILLIAM M BRUNSON 1838 Married Jane F 1841 children L. A. Daughter. 1867 John A. Son 1869 R. C.Son 1872 H. E Daughter 1873 W. H. Son 1878 Jonas A. Son 1875 on 1880 census , M. D. Brunson 1858 Cousin labor



IV CLARA ALAFAIR BRUNSON 6 Jan 1871 ~ 16 Jul 1958 Jesse S Fergusion Sept 18 1869 Oct 04 1927 Children Ralph Jan 20 1909 Jul 15 1980.  Ralph sold insurance in Allendale


IV OWEN RILEY BRUNSON bn abt 1872 little is Known Except he sold cars in Olar SC

Riley Brunson know all men that in consideration of the sum of one hundred and seventy five dollars to me paid by  Mary Brunson she receipt where of is hereby acknowledged  do grant and release and to the said Mary Brunson all that lot of parcel of land situated in the state and county of a said in town of Allendale containing one fourth acres more or  less and bounded on the north by Razor road on the east by razor road and the H2 Farmers south by H J Farmers and on the west by Owen Riley Brunson  witness  B R Myrick Robert C Mixson  Sign O R Brunson Dec  7 1907  SC ARCHIVES BK. 7W PG.403 

 ELI  PAYTON  BRUNSON  Apr 22 1873 ov 19 1907  Mary Strange  Jun 7 1876~ Jun 16 1956 daughter of John Henry Strange  Malcolm Edwards  Nov. 7 1896~ Aug 26 1983  Ethelene  Mar 6 1900 ~ Nov 9 1931 Eva Mae Dec 26 1900 – Aug  31 1988 Ealy Payton Apr 8 1908 Aug 7 1936 Leroy Mar 6 1905 Jun 24 1926


Part of the Brunson’s and Williams above are buried in the old part of  The Brunson –Morris cemetery  which was bulldozed and destroyed, tombs fences and all, in 1950 after the family sold the Land.


Copyright ©2005, Donald C. Brunson, all rights reserved. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

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