Alice (unknown maiden name) married James Madison Primus born c1860. Alice (maiden name unknown?) Primus born c1861 was said to have been half Indian and half White, and came from Allendale. They lived in Yemassee in Hampton County. 1900 Hampton County census lists her as Mulatto.  In Yemassee, she was a well known midwife. 9 Sept. 1999.

Alice's parents were John Williams and Lindy Brown...I don't know if they were married and if she was ever Lindy Williams or if they had other children as it's been hard to track them down on various census'. I have a few possibilities but at this point that's all they are.....

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"Winton Co., S.C. Minutes of Co. Court and Will Book I, 1785-91", Holcomb 1978, is found a series of court records pertaining to the Fraudulent deed of Josiah Wallace.  The only reason I researched this is that the deed involved land of my ancestor, John Gill, and several of his neighbors.  This 1787 series of records lists the name Primus, which is a most unusual name.

In 1787 listed under "causes" (op cit. p74) the case of Gill vs Wallace continued. On Fri. 18 Jan. 1788 John Gill and others served as "Evidences" in the trial of Robert Shields (op cit. p72). On Tues. 6 May 1788 in the case of John Gill vs Wallace, the court found "Judgement by Default & the jury sworn the same as before to execute a writ of inquiry. We find for the plaintiff 10 D 8 & cost & interest till paid. John Wyche, Foreman" (op cit. p80). On 7 August 1788 in the case of Richard Aldridge vs John Gill, "the Jury prayed at the Plaintiff cost" (op cit. p94 #111). Thurs. 7 August 1788, "Ordered that Susannah Nicks be allowed 3 days attend.

Aldridge vs Gill" (op. cit. p95 #76). (Same date) "John Gill vs Josiah Wallace. (-man (sic) Execution issued that Sheriff Robt. McLewrath vs Josiah Wallace) returned that he had levied on a Trass. Bassett vs Jos. Wallace) Negro in the hands of Thos. Shields & that sale was forbid. Ordered that the Sheriff go on to Sell the Property except it is replevied? according to law" (op cit. p95 #96).

(p37) Gill vs Wallace, Bassett vs Wallace, and McLewrath vs Wallace; A Negro named Primus, being taken in Execution the Property being claimed by Thos. Shields, Ordered that the Case be tried tomorrow to determine the Property (op. cit. garbled as here). On Wed. 4 Feb. 1789 "Gill & others vs Shields. Trial of Property. Verdict against the Defendant. An appeal prayed & granted on giving bond with Alex Newman & Absolom Causey Security in the sum of £50 to prosecute the appeal with effect to pay all costs & damages in case the judgement or verdict shall be confirmed" (op cit. p112 or 111 not sure which). (Following page)

"On an interpleader. Thomas Shields and Sarah his wife vs John Gill, Frances Bassett & Al (sic) the Jury being sworn to wit James Gedden, Elisha Abston, Reuben Roundtree, Henry Woods, Benj. Blunt, Wm. Adams, Geo. Cope, Isham Jordan, Geo. Crossey, Jno. Platt, Silas Roles, and Daniel Philpot, returned a verdict. We find the Deed made by Josiah Wallace to Sarah Wallace now Sarah Shields, a fraud. Silas Rowls, Foreman, Wm. Robison, Wm. Buford, John Wyld.

This last pronouncement clarifies the court proceedings involving Wallace & John Gill. Josiah Wallace gave a fraudulent deed to his daughter involving the land of John Gill, Francis Bassett & others mentioned in the litigation. A slave, Primus, was also involved.   It appears that one of the people listed here was the owner before, and another after, but the second was insolvent and the sale declared void.  It is not obvious to me who the owners were.  I will go back to the original Winton book when next in Barnwell and see if I can decipher this.

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