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Allen, Bazemore, Beard, Best, Boykin, Brannen, Bryan, Colding, Cone, Conyers, Dewees Judy Canant
Anderson, especially 1797-1810 Rick S. Thomas
Ayers, Aires, Ayars, Ayer, Ayres A. A. Faurot
Banner R. Banner Bagasina
Barr, Bates, Boyles, Behling, Best, Chapman, Colding, Furman, Griffin, Guess, Hutto, Kearse Margo Everett
Barber/Barbour David Page
Bassett and Morris Sue Bassett Folawn
Beards, Kearse, Cantey, Main, Jourdon, Davis, Brant, Brabham, All, Chitty, Harrison, Rentz Wadene B Welch
Best, Woods D. M. Davis, M.D.
Best, Colding M.M. Brown
Best Tom Mitchiner
Best C. Roberts
Bonnette, Holman, Mount, Tyler, Radcliffe Susan Hovermale
Box, Crapse and Gray C.B. Vines
Boyd M. Calhoun Phinizy
Boyles Ann Gilbert
Boynton, Crawford N. Crawford/F. Boynton
Brant Brant, Anthony H. Jr
Brunson/Bronson James C. Bronson
Burton Susanna Hartley Milhouse
BUTLER Ellie Gibson
Canty Stella A. Canty
Carter and Seabrooks RC Payne
Conyers John Conyers
Cooke Shirley Waldera
DuPuis M. Lisicki
Eubanks, McLin, Kearse, Neeley, Sojourner Chris Eubanks
Ferguson Cindy Ferguson Jones
Fields A.M. Lawton
Fitts June Gardner
Frazier D. Dallas
Frizzier and Gray R. Banner Bagasina
Furman Richard C. Furman
Gadson Mattie Council
Gardner T. Gardner
Gardner James Gardner
Gillett J.Filice
Gillett (Elijah) Diane Nace
Glover Alfred Gloverford
Glover Arlene Adedeji
Googe A. Googe
Graham No Name Given "friends"
Hall ,Allen, Roe, Rowe, Posey, Culix, Story, Lewis Sandy Smith
Hammonds Manael Hammonds Kennerly
Harden (African American) No Name Given
Harter Mickey Smith
Hazel, Hazle (families of color) Earl Hazel
Hazel M. Hazel
Harley, Barker, Creech, Williams Robert Strauss
HEATH, McMILLAN, Wimberly S. Pagett
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Horton Sherry Hutto
Howard  & Carlton Leslie Howard Strunk
Humphreys, Jarrell, Mock, Moore, Morel, Overstreet. Judy Canant
Johnson C. Jolly&P.K.Johnson
Johnson L. Johnson
Kennedy, Drayton, Gregory D.. Kennedy
Lambert, Littlefield, Wooton, Reese Toney K. Lambert
LAZAR Walker M. Lazar
Lawton A.M. Lawton
Ledbetter Cindy Williams
Loadholt Kathy Henson
Lofton (Jessie and Binah) K. K. Lofton-Johnson
MANER, PRIESTER Mary Maner Tallent
Middleton Norma Middleton Armstrong
Moody Kathy Gaylor
Myrick Robert Myrick
Moody, Myrick, Rice, Strange, Williams Margo Everett
NICKENS John Nickens
Peebles Edward H. Peeples, PH.D.
Platts Holbrook Platts
priester black jackie little
Rainey Elnora Marshall
Raysor born in 1880s in Allendale L. Butler
RAYSOR (link is offsite), HIERS, ERWIN P. Sabin
Reeves John B. Reeves, Jr.
Reynolds Damo N Mel
Riley, Tobin Hugh Tobin
Riley Wayne Pearce
Ritter K. Grosvenor

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Carolynn Roberts
Robertson (Roberson, Robinson), McNamara, Dobson, Wise Richard Robertson
Sams (African American) T. R. Jones.
Sanders George Early
Savage T. Curry Drescher
Searson; Farmer and Glover A. Glover Boettcher
Scarbrough, Higginbottom, Gillett Gene Davis
Shubert Myrtle Linder
Scriven and Wright Deborah Scriven
Solomons C. Ramsey
Sims and Scott W. Simms
Smith Lena Green
Smooke EXOER
Stokes,Wilson,Grubbs, Crews Jeanette Stokes Ferguson
Thomas Ferd Naughton
THORNTON Sherry Hicks
Touchberry John Touchberry
Walker Tay Walker1
Walker (in Millet) Joseph F. Walker
Williams K. Matthews
Williams Sandy Elder
Winn E. Winn
Woods Lynn Woods & David Foster
Ziglar, Zigler,Ziegler, Zeigler & Seigler & Riser E.S. Pitts
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