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Beulah Baptist Church - An African American Church on lands deeded to the organizing group by Mr Robert T. Bassett at Beldoc, SC, organized 1882. Rev C. H. Anderson, was the first pastor.  Rev B. S. Scott, was the pastor in 1970.  

This information was contained in Allendale on the Savannah, published in 1970 Allendale Co, SC.

Complete text from Allendale on the Savannah, courtesy of Judy Canant:


On lands deeded to the organizing group by Mr Robert T BASSETT, Beulah Baptist Church (Negro) was erected. Located at Beldoc, S C, the church was organizedin 1882.

The first pastor was the Reverend C H ANDERSON. The charter members consisted of nineteen persons representing substantial families of that era.

There were nine original deacons of the church.

The present membership of Beulah consists of 75 (1970) members, many of whom are descendants of the nineteen charter members. The Rev. B S SCOTT is the present pastor (in 1970).

The churchyard cemetery also dates back to 1882, most of the monuments are engraved with family names synonymous with the history of the church, which will be able to ovserve its one hundredth anniversary in 1982.

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