Michal Moye Bassett d1812 Barnwell Probate Bundle 18 Package 9, Bond 1812 to Matthew Moye, George Ward, & John Brabham for $2000, apparently died shortly before 13 April 1812 when her estate was charged for planks for her coffin. These records clearly identify her as the widow of William Bassett. Her estate was divided between "the only two heirs:" Matthew Moye & John Brabham in right of his wife Martha Moye Brabham. However, John Brabham was paid for boarding & clothing of one Gifford Bassett, & on one certificate dated 21 Feb. 1813 in this probate bundle it is clearly stated "Gifford Bassett a child of the deceased."  There are only two possible interpretations of this statement. Either Gifford Bassett was an illegitimate child by another Bassett after William Bassett died, or she was pregnant with Gifford Bassett at the time of William's death. Usually in the latter case, the unborn child is accounted for in a will or estate, and listed as an unborn child. Perhaps the paternity was in doubt? Since her "only two heirs" were her brother & sister, it appears that she had no children by William Bassett, & by extension, all of the people listed by William Bassett in his will are nephews or other close kin. A bastard was given the name of the biological father in Barnwell at this time (court records quoted herein).  One documented child of Michal Moye Bassett, which Bassett was father is in doubt.

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