Bryan Familyof Allendale County, SC

(2) Richard Bryan, Rev Serv (Whose Son?)+ b: April 30, 1759in Colleton Co, SC? (Sure is part of family, not sure where-JPC) d: March19, 1826 in Colleton County, SC. Richard married Elizabeth Harper b: August19, 1765 found in records of Bethel Church, Allendale, SC; married December27, 1784 in Colleton County, SC, d: November 27, 1834 in Colleton County,SC

(2) Frederick Bryan b: Abt. 1750 in ? - uncertain ofrelationship - On Tax Roll Winton Co, SC 1800

Our Revolutionary War Ancestor, William Bryan - b 1746-7, and his brother,Simon Bryan, were born in Craven Co, NC, in the vicinity of the Neuse River.Several genealogies have suggested that our William Bryan was the son ofCol William Bryan of Bertie Co, NC (and a supposed descendant of NeedhamBryan). We have disproven this theory. The son of Col William Bryan of Bertiemarried Elizabeth Gray and stayed in NC where he died at Snowfield. Our WilliamBryan came to Barnwell District, SC, in about 1774. He was married to ElizabethMoore, daughter of Thomas Moore, who also came to Barnwell Dist, SC at aboutthe same time. The Moores and Bryans were neighbors in NC. William's brother,Simon Bryan, married Anne Moore, the sister of Elizabeth.

Through the process of elimination, the evidence of residency in NC, thecontinued use of the feminine name Jennett, and other appearing facts, wehave surmised that our family is descended from Lewis Bryan, Sr, of Isleof Wight, VA and Craven Co, NC. At present, there is a group of Bryan familyresearchers hard at work, abstracting the early Bryan documents. When thisresearch is completed, we will have more evidence to offer. In the meanwhile,we are posting the families of William, Simon and other family members onthe Allendale GenWeb, in hopes that other descendants may benefit from whatwe now know.

William and Simon Bryan served in the South Carolina Militia under Lt JacobBuxton. We have records of a Lewis Bryan and a Joseph Bryan, both in BarnwellDistrict, SC as early as 1774, who also served in the militia under Lt Buxton.The pension stub numbers of these 4 men were consecutive. It is our beliefthat Lewis Bryan and Joseph Bryan were also brothers of William Bryan andSimon Bryan, and we have proven that all four owned land in the area of BarnwellDistrict. There is a possibility that there were sisters, named Elizabethand Mary, but we have not yet proven that link. There follows, a brief outlineof the four brothers and their statistics. We have included two other possiblefamily members, as you shall see, whose connection is not yet established,but who lived in the Barnwell Dist area. Below that, you will find the outlineof the family of William Bryan and then the family of Simon Bryan, both ofthe area that is now Allendale, SC.

Judith Presnell Canant, wife of A E Canant,descendant

Lewis Bryan, RS b: Abt. 1742 in Craven Co, NC - owned landcalled Lewis Bryan's Swamp d: in Lived in S Section Orangeburg District,SC, Craven Co, NC Deed Book 12,

a. p 27, 4 Oct 1766 - witnessed Deed for Thomas Moore in Craven Co, NC, alongwith brother, William Bryan

c. p 107 - Thomas Moor - 11 Oct 1766 - Lewis Bryan (ee) NS Bend in ClayrootSwamp

d. p 29 - Thomas Moore - 1766 - 100 A - NS Neuse - adj Lewis Bryan. We nowbelieve that Lewis Bryan, brother of William Bryan, was the owner of landon the North Shore of the Neuse River in Craven Co in 1766.

e. 25 days militia duty SC under Lieut. Jacob Buxton (DAR magazine #43 July-

Dec 1913, Atlanta Carnegie Library R 973

f. October 06, 1786, SC - recd pay for militia duty in Rev War, SC - stubb#3886 (Stub entries to Indents for Rev Claims, Book X, Part II, p 193, #3885Issued on this date to Lewis Bryan for one pound 15s/10d for Militia Dutyper Acct, passed by the Commrs. Principal Lb.1..156..10, Ann. int. 0:2:6)

g. April 19, 1780, Witnessed land purchase for Simon Bryan. (Barnwell Dist,SC Office of Clerk of Court, Deed Book E, page 202, John Larisy sold to SimonBryan, 150 a in Granville Co on the Coosawhatchie for L500. Witnesses LewisBryan, George Smith.


Joseph Bryan, RS b: Abt. 1745 in Craven Co, NC - then owned land on SavannahRiver in Orangeberg DIst SC in 1784 d: ? - in Lived in S Section OrangeburgDistrict, SC at last mention of him. Not knowing the exact age of this JosephBryan, it is possible that he was born earlier that I have surmised. If so,it is likely that he could be the Joseph mentioned in the following deed.There is no other Joseph who fits this age span.

Craven Co, NC Deed bk 21, p 67: Frances Nash to Wm Winnam of Craven Co 1771for 25 pounds. 50 Acres part of tract granted to Joseph Bryan March 1756.Witnesses John Hill, James Clark, Kezia Hill.

Found in Barnwell Dist, SC Office of Clerk of Court Page 176: John Hix andJohn Colding sold to Samuel Maner for $200, 100 A "where the said John Hixnow lives - - being part of a tract of land laid out by Blanchard Coldingat at the time of survey joining land of Joseph Bryan SW and land ofMucklefuss(?) SE -- references to be had to the plot and survey of RobertShiddrar run Sept 30, 1795. (I believe that this Joseph Bryan is the sameJoseph who was brother to William and not William's son, Joseph, who wouldhave been aged only 19 at this time.-JPC) March 18, 1809 Witnesses StephenOwens, Mary Owens

p173 - On 28th Feb. 1795, Henry Colding and Jennett his wife of the Countyof Winton sold Amy Colding for 20 pounds sterling 100 A "part of a tractof land laid out for Blanchard Colding joining lands of Joseph Bryan SW --"Witnesses: Joseph Bryan, _____ Livermon

October 06, 1786, Recd pay for militia duty Rev War - stub #3885 (Stub entriesto Indents for Rev. Claims, Book X, Part II. p 193, #3886 - Issued on thisdate to Joseph Bryan, for Seventeen Shillings & one penny sterlg, forMilitia Duty - per Acct passed by the Commrs. Principal LbO..17..1, Ann Int.0..1..2..)

Served as Private under Lt Jacob Buxton SC (DAR Magazine #43 July-Dec 1913,Atlanta Carnegie Library).

This Joseph was referred to in Apr 15, 1942, in a leter from Mr Thomas BBryan, Greensboro, SC, to Mr Walter Speight Bryan(dec). Mr Thomas Bryan hadalso found the evidence of the four Bryans serving with Lt Buxton and hesurmised that they were brothers.


William Bryan, Rev Serv SC b: 1747 in (1746-7) - CravenCo, NC d: Aft. September 19, 1808 in Barnwell Dist, SC - lived in what isnow Allendale Co, SC. May be buried in Mock Orange Cem, although there areno stones there older than those of his son Joseph Bryan and his family.This was once part of his Plantation of the same name - off of Bluff Road,SE of Allendale, SC.

Married *Elizabeth Moore b: Abt. 1752 in Craven Co, NC - her bro, Wm Moore,m her daughter-in-law's sister m: Bef. 1768 in Craven Co, NC d: Aft. September19, 1778 in Barnwell Dist, SC

We have not included all information available about William Bryan. Writeto Judy Canant for additional information.

1781 - to 1782 - Served as a horseman under Lt Jacob Buxton SC (DAR Magazine#43 July-Dec 1913, Atlanta Carnegie Library).

September 23, 1799 - Witnessed deed for Wm B Jr (Barnwell SC Office of Clerkof Ct Book 33, p 16, Wm Bryan Jr, Winton Co, paid 5 shillings to David Hodge,Co of McIntosh GA for 300a - signed sealed delivered in presence of Rich.Bryan,JP, James Thomas, Wm Bryan Sr.)

1770 - made petition for Grant Brier Ck to Poor Robin, Screven Co, GA (WmO'Bryan made petition - there were no O'Bryans in the area at this time.We believe it was this William Bryan, because his grandson, Lewis MartinLuther Bryan, later owned and lived on this same property and had the largestcotton plantation in the area - until the War Between the States).

October 6, 1786 - Received pay for militia dury Rev. War., stub #3888 (StubEntries To Indents for Revolutionary Claims, Book X, Part II, page 193, No.3887 - Issued on this date to William Bryan for One Pound 12s/10d Stlg forMilitia Duty, Per Acct. passed by the Commrs. Principal Lb 1, 12..10, AnnInt 0..2..3).

Winton Co SC 1800 Tax List - Wm Bryan p 9

Land Grant signed by Gov Moultrie, on Water of Coosawhatchie in Dist. ofOrangeburgh - 175 a.

More family information onWilliam Bryan


Simon Bryan, RS b: 1749-1751 in Craven Co, NC (brother ofWilliam) d: Bef. July 01, 1823 in (Barnwell Dist) Allendale, SC, buried nearBostic Pond

Married Anne Moore b: 1753 in Craven Co, NC m: 1773 in Craven Co, NC d: January07, 1813 in buried near Bostic Pond(??) in Allendale Co, SC

Winton Co, SC Tax list 1800 - Simon Bryan p 10 - 922 Acres one negro

William Bryan and Lewis Bryan vs Frederick Bryan et al Filed July 1, 1823Partition Simon Bryan, the father of petitioners, died ______ in said Barnwelldistrict owning 213 acres on the Coosawhatchie and being part of two surveysgranted the deceased in 1786; whereupon same became distributable among hischildren viz. Frederick Bryan, John Bryan, Elizabeth the wife of ThomasHerrington, Sarah Ann, the wife of Joseph Allen and said Lewis Bryan andWilliam Bryan. Partition of same is desired. Partitioners appointed: JohnAllen, Joseph Bryan, Lewis Stokes, Walter Allen, Samuel Calhoon. they valuethe land at $3 per acre and recommend it to be sold as a whole and proceedsdivided. Property sold for $650, 10-4-1824 to John S Fowke. Return of theSheriff shows that copies of petition were served 10-17-1823 on Joseph Allenand Sarah his wife, by leaving same at their residence and on John and FrederickBryan personally. No entry of service on the others.

Affidavit of Lewis Bryan made 7-18-1823, states that Thomas Herrington andElizabeth his wife, defendants, are non residents of the state.


Barnwell Dist, SC Office of Judge of Probate:

Bundle 37, pkg 12 Est of Simon Bryan, Sr. Adm Wm Bryan, Jr., Wm Bryan, Sr.,and Lewis Bryan security for $4000 bond (Note by JPC: This Sr and Jr Wm Bryanare William Washington Bryan, Sr-son - and probably Wm Bryan, Jr, nephewof Simon)


Estate of Simon Bryan, Sr Administrator, son William Bryan In the recordsappear three papers, or statements, of Account in the estate of Mr. SimonBryan, Sen. Heirs of the estate are named and the amounts paid them:

No 1 No 2 No 3

Acct Acct Acct

20th July,1824 14 Mar 1826 14 Dec 1827

Frederick Bryan $500 Cynthia Bryan(wf/Frdrk) $36 Cynthia B in full $3.82

Joseph Allen 490 Joseph Allen 45.99 Joseph A in full 3.82

Thos Herrington 10 Thos Herrington 525,99

Jno. Bryan 490 John Bryan 45.99 John Bryan in f. 3.82

Lewis Bryan 490 Lewis Bryan 45,99 Lewis Bryan in f. 3.82

* * * * * * *

Note: Joseph Allen was husband of Simon's dau, Sarah Ann

Thomas Herrington was husb. of " " , Elizabeth

Cynthia Bryan was wife of Frederick Bryan who died in 1838.- (Judith P Canant)

October 6, 1786 - Recd pay for militia dury Rev War, Stub #3887 (Stub entriesTo Indents for Rev Claims, Book X part II page 193, No 3888 - Issued on thisdate to Simon Bryan for Nine Pounds, 2s/5d Strlg for Militia Duty Per Acct.passed by the Commrs. Principal Lb9..2..10, Ann. Int. 0..2..3.

More information on family ofSimon Bryan


There were two other Bryans found in this area at the same time, who maybe brothers of these 4, but we have nothing to prove it.

They were:

1 Richard Bryan, Rev Serv b: April 30, 1759 in ColletonCo, Sc? -Sure is part of family, not sure where-JPC d: March 19, 1826 inColleton County, SC

Married Elizabeth Harper b: August 19, 1765 in found in records of BethelChurch, Allendale, SC m: December 27, 1784 in Colleton County, SC d: November27, 1834 in Colleton County, SC

2 Frederick Bryan b: Abt. 1750 in ? - uncertain of relationship- On Tax Roll Winton Co, SC 1800


Copyright © August 1997 - AE & Judith P Canant, Lakeland, FL. Thesedocuments may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your owngenealogy. However, this document is copyrighted by AE & Judith P Canantand may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profitfrom same.

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