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Apparently there were Canty slaves.  James Nelson Canty was the owner of my family. He lived in Sumter County South Carolina then he moved to Lowndes County Alabama.I think he had an uncle named Jasper.  Sent by Unclelarry482@cs.com.  July 2003.

____ Canty married Harriett? Millhouse(alive in 1831 not in 1841), daughter of James Millhouse alive in 1841. Two identified children:

  1. Vincent J. Canty died 1846, perhaps ill in 1841.
  2. John A. Canty (1806-10)-1873
  3. ?? Harriett Canty? Not clear if she was sister, mother, or maybe even wife, to John A. Canty.

Harriett Canty: Harriett Canty won a suit for a note due in 1821 from C. Petition, Patterson was her atty, amount $20. (Barnwell deed):The So. Ga. Canal & Railroad Co. Land to locate the train do hereby in addition give the wood & timber necessary to construct same through our land only free of cash. Barnt? Binnicken 1 March 1831, Harriet Canty, John A. Canty. 2 March 1831 James H. Simmons, Joseph Sandifer, James Sandifer, John X Johnson, Robert L. Mitler, Thos. Blitchintor, Jos. Zeigler, Edward Hoges 3 Mar.1831. Rec: 21 Mar.1833. Was Harriet Canty his wife or sister? (BCH Common Pleas Journal Fall 1822-Spring 1832 pages 313-660 H. Canty ads Lettiline? p89, H. Canty ads C Pettilow p121, p471, and more of these).

Jasper Newton Canty

A Canty married Elizabeth Dalgill, daughter of John Dalgill who died in 1878. Barnwell Deeds Book 4-A Page 167: Probate Judge to Elizabeth Canty et al. 4 Feb. 1878 rec: 13 Feb. 1878, for $100 105 acres by Richard Best. John W. Ogilou? Administrator of John Dalgill deceased on 27 Nov. 1877 sold the estate at public auction to pay debt 4 Feb. 1878. Unto Eliz. Canty, Mary Dalgill, & Sarah Dalgill paid $100 highest bid made these three tenants in common for 105 acres & which 1/4 was share of said John Dalgill which he possessed in fee with the said Elizabeth Canty, Mary Dalgill, & Sarah Dalgill. Bounded by Richard Best, J.S. Stoney, Swallow Savannah Church, Mrs. M.A. Richardson. Rec: 13 Feb. 1878.

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This Cantey family is probably related to the one above, but how is not clear

William Cantey b. abt. 1800? Williamsburg Co. No further information.

Sabb Cantey b. abt. 1830? Sabb Cantey that I have run across was my great-grandfather who was known by his Christian name, Sabb. He was born on the Cantey Plantation in the southeastern corner of Clarendon County, Mount Hope, which dates back to 1739 and built by Captain Joseph Cantey, father of Mrs. Thomas Sumter and grandfather of Mrs. Wade Hampton, I. Morgan Sabb Cantey was born in 1844 and moved to Summerton after serving in the Confederate Army under his brother, W.J.R. Cantey, Captain of the Sprott Guards, 23rd S. C. Infantry Regiment, killed after the Battle of Five Forks. Sabb Cantey married Lily Felder Ragin and became a successful farmer near Summerton. He was a Preseidential Elector and is honored in an article in THE STATE (September 14, 1932), entitled, "Gentleman of the Old South," a copy of which is available in the Clarendon County Archives. I live in the house once occupied by and occupied by at least six generations of family, two or three generations of Ragins, three generations of Canteys, and two generations of Elliotts.  Joseph Cantey Elliott   5 July 2004

Irish Canty.  Would like any and all information on this family. what part of ireland did they come from ?how big was the farm? where is it located in today's ga. anything that coul add to the history of this family would be helpful thank you, CJ CANTY  5 July 2004

Information from Debbie Golding

CANTY/CANTEY information I have documentation on


1900 - Walter CANTEY, living in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia. No mother listed as she must have passed away, Jas A CANTEY is listed as widower. The children are listed as Willie CANTEY (19), Jennie CANTEY (17), [Thomas] Walter CANTEY (13), and [Sadie] Pearl CANTEY (5). [1900 U.S. Census].  

My mother’s father was Thomas Walter Canty who I believe is the Walter Canty mentioned in your Canty information which I found on line. My grandfather was born in Barnwell County and later moved to Augusta. After that he joined the Army and was stationed in Connecticut. He married Fannie Billings Enos of New London CT and had three children, one of whom was my mother. After this I cannot find any further information about him although I am just beginning my serious search. Due to the loss of the 1990 Census, a lot of information is lost. My mother, Nellie Canty, married Joseph Thompson during WWII and they moved to California where I was born. She died when I was 5 and it seems most of her family history died with her. My father also died when I was rather young.   Walter Canty's army information describes him as dark complexioned. Based on family information, he lost both his parents by the time he was 19. The records say he joined in Army in Ohio of all places and then was stationed in Connecticut. He rejoined the Army after a 3-year stint while still in Connecticut but left after 1-1/2 years (honorably it says) but at this time he was in Fort Moultrie which is in Charleston, SC. After this it is a blank. Don't know if he abandoned the family, got a divorce, or died but I do know that my grandmother remarried within a 2-3 year period after that.  Also, I have found that the records are so different at times. For example, Walter Canty is actually Thomas Walter Canty and his sister Pearl Canty is Sadie Pearl Canty. Sometimes it is spelled Cantey and sometimes Canty.    D. Golding  March 2009

1909 - Thomas W. CANTEY, joined the U.S. Army January 14, 1909 [US. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914]

1910 - Thomas W. CANTEY, living in New London Connecticut and listed as soldier. Says his father was born in Florida – I can find no confirmation of this and believe it might be a mistake. He is listed as being born in Barnwell County, South Carolina and having a dark complexion. [1910 U.S. Census]

1910 - Sadie Pearl CANTY is living with BEARD family. She is listed as sister-in-law. They live in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia. [1910 U.S. Census]

1930 - Sadie P. HERRON is married to Charles HERRON, has a daughter Evelyn DELOACH (16) and son-in-law Victor M. DELOACH (20). They live in Augusta. [1930 U.S. Census]

[From the Richard HERRON’s information off of your site, it shows that Sadie was widowed and married a James H. WILLIAMS. She died in 1970.]

1912. - Nellie Francis CANTY, born April 18, 1912, her father Thomas Walter CANTY from Augusta, Georgia. His occupation is Bugler-U.S. Army – Fort H.G. Wright. He is married to Fannie Billings Enos CANTY from New London, CT. [Certified copy of Certificate of Birth, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Connecticut State Department of Health]

1913 - Thomas W. CANTEY, reinlisted in the U.S. Army January 20, 1912 but record shows he only served half the time and was discharged in 1913 [U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914]

1. Unknown1 Brunson was born Abt. 1780, and died Bef. 1830 in Beaufort, SC. He married Rebecca Canty. She was born Abt. 1780, and died Bef. 1840 in Beaufort, SC.  Notes for Rebecca Canty: I have added Rebecca Canty here for research purposes only. I have no hard evidence that she is James Canty's mother except that the 1830 Census lists a Rebecca Brunson as sharing the head of the home with her son James Brunson. There is a rich history of Canty families in Beaufort, SC I just need to tie them together.  This entire file was put together by myself, help from others is noted. You have my permission to copy and use these records,  I only ask that you keep my contact info attached. I make great new contacts that way.  Debbie Clemons

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