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Barnwell Court House Creech records (duplicated below because I have links to them that way!)

Outline of the family of Henry Creech

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Creech records in the Barnwell Court House (from the days when Allendale was a part of Barnwell)

Richard Creech born <1737 died 1787, married Ann. Richard Creech, Sr. land plat surveyed by Wm. Green 8/18/1785 rec 11/12/1785 Barnwell Plat Bk. 8-280 181 acres on Cowpen Branch. Land surveyed Bk. 8-411 2/20/1786 rec. 9/25/1789, 236 acres Salkehatchie River. Owned land adjacent to John Gill's land plat for 286 acres in 1789. Winton Co. Will Book 1 page 7; Richard Creech & Ann Creech Administrators 25 August 1787. Appraised 11 March 1788 by John Williams, Robert Golikely, William Creech, value 240. In "Day Book of Moses Boynton, Jr., 1775-1779" (Barnwell probate office), is found "Richard Creech Tot in for another an net the 26 May 1776, 1217 1799, To: Berp 15."

Richard Creech, Esquire born <1758 died 1808. Will by word of mouth 6 Jan. 1808, wife Mary. attested: Eliz. Harley Senior, Rebekah Harley, Elizabeth Harley. Barnwell Will Book A page 85. Sheriff, Coroner. The son of Richard & Ann Creech. Captain in Revolutionary War 1779-1782; provisions supplier. Married Mrs. Mary Williams, owner of ford on Big Salkehatchie River, 1786. Sheriff 1790. SC House of Representatives 1795-1798. Justice of Peace. Coroner 1803-1808. Commissioner of public buildings; Commissioner of roads. SC Senate 1806-1808; died in office as Coroner, 6 Jan. 1808. (The County Offices and Officers of Barnwell County, SC 1775-1975, Reynolds & Fuant, The Reprint Company, 1976 p8).

John Creech born <1787 Barnwell land plat Bk 2-47 & 8-247, surveyed by John Allen 9/7/1808 rec. Same day, 388 acres on Powell's Branch.

William Creech died 1833,  Barnwell Will Book C 1826-36, Page 114. 13 Jyly 1833, Probate bundle 59-8, wife Susan, children: John Creech, Mary Myrick wife of Eli, William Henry Creech, Sarah Creech, Nancy Creech, Elizabeth Creech, Harriet Creech. Witnesses: H.W. Ayer, Joseph Parker, Miles Riley.

     Seven Children of William Creech:

     (1) John Creech born <1736 plat surveyed 9/9/1857 Barnwell Plat MM 419 rec 3/5/1860, 161 acres Powell's Branch

     (2) Mary Creech married Eli Myrick

     (3) William Henry Creech

     (4) Sarah Creech

     (5) Nancy Creech

     (6) Elizabeth Creech

     (7) Harriet Creech born <1839 died >1889. Single 1889 Barnwell Plat 5S-580 3/16/1860 rec 5/6/1889 40 acres on Powell's Branch. Barnwell Deeds 5S-586 Harried Creech sold to Robert L. Creech for $300, 40 acres N Alfred Sease, NE estate of R.S. Southtree, S Jack F. Creech, N. Estate of John Creech & Alf Sease, on plat 2 Apr. 1866, signed 24 Apr. 1889, wit: W.A. All, Jr. F. Charrons. Rec 6 may 1889.

Henry Creech 1818, (Outline of family of Hy Creech) Barnwell Will Book B 1816-26 page 11. Wife Ann died <1827, daughters: Milley, Nancy, Polly Ann, Susannah. To my beloved wife Ann my plantation with 210 acres & 4 negroes Tom, Patience, Stephen, & Jacob, with all furniture, cattle, horses, & hoggs for her lifetime. At my wife's decease negroes, cattle, horses, & hoggs to be equally divided between my children, the land & household furniture to belong to my daughter Susannah. Ex: wife Ann, David Roberts, Washington Allen. 15 Feb. 1818. wit: William Bryan, Joseph M. Phillips, Susannah Creech. Henry Creech estate probated by Daniel Roberts 27 Mar. 1818, Barnwell Probate Bundle 30 Pack. 6 Bk. Will Book B p11. Listed in probate package are "heirs" of Henry Creech" on 8 Dec. 1825: C.B. Hillex?, Walter Allen, Stephen Owens, James his+mark Walker. On 27 March 1827 money was paid out to Walter Allen, Daniel Roberts in right of his wife, Stephen Owens in right of his wife, Council B. Allen, administrator in right of his wife, The total estate contained books & seems to have been valued at $4354 including $118 "ready money", with $132 debts, appraised by Lewis Bryan, Joseph Bryan, & Walter Allen. There are more papers in this package which I did not cover in detail which may clarify precisely whom the daughters married.

His widow, Ann Creech, purchased a woman's saddle from the estate on 11 May 1818 for 16, & she signed the estate sale. She was dead by 19 Jan. 1827.

     Four Daughters:

    (1) Milley Creech willed 150 acres part of tract surveyed for Wm. Twoten & 1 negro girl Nan.. Jeremiah Walker 10 Jan. 1827 received $725 in full of his wife's share ("Melia" Creech). Jeremiah Walker paid $36 to the estate on 4 Jan. 1819.

     (2) Nancy Creech willed 100 acres part of Twoten tract & 59 acres part of tract granted to F. Bryan & T. Herington & 1 negro girl named Rachel.

     (3) Polly Ann Creech, Willed 86 acres surveyed for C. Boyles & F. Bassett & 76 acres of the tract I now live on at Duck Savannah & 1 negro girl named Leah. G.W. Allen paid $24 to the estate on 6 Jan. 1819. Walter Allen was one of the appraisers 18 April 1818. Walter Allen in part for Daniel Roberts & in right of his wife Mary A. Creech received $181. I assume Mary A. was Polly Ann. "Polly" is a  common nickname for Mary.

     (4) Susannah Creech willed 1 negro boy Sam. 11 May 1818 Miss Susuannah Creech purchased a woman's saddle for $9.90 from the estate. She paid $9 to the estate 20 Jan. 1819.

Stephen Owens 11 May 1818 purchased "First lot Corne, "8 bushels for $2.32, & a lot of books for 4010? Jan. 1827 Stephen Owens received $652 in right of his wife, formerly Ann Creech. I assume this is Susannah. This is not the widow, as the last entry on this record states: "By the Amount of Sales collected since Mrs. Ann Creech death: $2998."

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