Cornelius Dewees of SC

By Judith Presnell Canant

Lakeland, FL

Wife of a Descendant, Mother of Three and Grandmother of Four Descendants

For many, many years I have searched for the true history of Cornelius Deweesof Dewees Island and Charleston Co, South Carolina. Finally, I have discovered enough documentary evidence to convince myself that what you see here is correct.

In the 1960’s I was able to copy down some genealogical notes of a great uncle. After years in a file box, the notes were transferred into a genealogical computer program. As I began to search for more information on the Dewees family, I discovered that the notes I had copied were from the LaMunyan History of the Dewees Family. If you have searched for Southern Dewees information, you will have heard of Mrs LaMunyan. She tried to unravel the mystery, and died before she was finished. Her husband and relatives published her notes and that was all that was known about the Dewees Family until the DeWees Family Assn. was formed. I encourage you to visit their web-site and to subscribe to their Newsletter.  This is a direct link.  Use the back arrow button on your browser to return, or bookmark this page.

We discovered that Cornelius Dewees, II, our ancestor, could not possibly be the son of Philip Dewees, as stated in the LaMunyan book. That left us with four Dewees men in Charleston Co, SC, who were orphans in my records. They were important in the history of Dewees Island, off of the coast of Charleston, SC, but we had no proof of parentage.

Through the help of a kind gentleman who visited the SC Archives, I was able to obtain copies of some court records that finally led me to the truth about Cornelius Dewees, II. Now, I share with you what I have discovered.


Cornelius DEWEES, II, was born about 1719 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co,PA and married Maria (Mary) Philippina BOEHM (daughter of John Philip Boehm) about 1748 in Old Philadelphia Co, PA. they had at least four children, all born in Gloucester Co, NJ: William DEWEES b 1749; Mary DEWEES b ca 1751; Sarah DEWEES b ca 1753; John DEWEES b ca 1755 - d1790 Charleston Co, SC.We know that Cornelius and Maria (Mary) were in Gloucester Co until ca 1759 though County Records found there. Click here for ancestry of Cornelius DEWEES, II.

By 1761 we see members of the DEWEES family in Charleston Co, SC. The first evidence is the Dower Renunciation of Elizabeth PLUNKETT, (wife of ThomasPlunkett) to William DEWEES for property on what was later to be known asDewees Island, SC.

On June 29, 1770, Cornelius DEWEES, II, married Mrs Sarah MINORS, the widowof Charles MINORS, Sr, of SC. We are still searching for information on Sarah’s maiden name. According to handed down stories in the BRYAN familyof Barnwell Co, SC, (and handed down in many different linesof this family, so that I have to investigate this possibility) Sarah may have been a Redelspurger/Riddlespurger connected to the Salzburger immigrants along the Savannah River, but I have not yet found that evidence. Sarah had the following children by Charles MINORS, Sr: Elizabeth MINORS b bef 1769,d ca Aug 8, 1823 SC, m __ BESSEL; Robert MINORS, Sr, b bef 1765, m Amelia\\.

Cornelius DEWEES, II, and Sarah Minors DEWEES had the following children:

(1) M(ary?) Margaret DEWEES, b 5 Mar 1770 inCharleston, Charleston Co, SC, d 17 Sept 1855 Barnwell Dist, SC b Smyrna Churchyard, Allendale, SC. She married ca 1795 SC, William MOORE, (son ofThomas MOORE)b 1757 probably Craven Co NC, d ca Dec 1810 Barnwell Dist, SC

(2) Ann Nancy DEWEES, b ca 1775 in Charleston,Charleston Co, SC d 1845 in Barnwell Dist, SC (now Allendale), b Swallow Savannah Cemetery. She married ca 1793 Colleton Dist, SC, John ALLEN, Sr,b ca1770 Barnwell Dist, SC (now Allendale), d bef 1863 Barnwell Dist, SC,buried Swallow Savannah Cemetery, Allendale.

(3) Rebecca DEWEES, b 20 Oct 1774 in Charleston or Dewees Island, Charleston Co, SC, d 24 Oct 1840 at Mock Orange Plantation, Barnwell Dist, SC, b on the Plantation land, now a cow lot off of Bluff Road, Allendale. She married Joseph BRYAN, (son of William Bryan, RS, b 1746-7Craven Co, NC and Elizabeth MOORE, dau of Thomas MOORE)

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