John Edenfield 1655(1665 KO) - 1720 married Rebecca French Wilson 1675 - 1726.  Rebecca's maiden name apparently was Wilson, when she she married Thomas Wilson Jr. around 1687. Rebecca was the stepdaughter of William Winsmore, who mentions Rebecca, her mother Elizabeth, and her two brothers Matthew and Abel Wilson in his 1686 will. She was the widow of Thomas Wilson, Jr. when she married John Edenfield. John Edenfield was in what is now Delaware in 1695.  He was bron in Ovenden, W. Yorkshire, England.  John Edenfield was a tailor and farmer by trade, and lived near Jones Creek, County of Kent on Delaware, Province of Pennsylvania, near Dovertown, Pa., now Delaware. (This information from typewritten "The Edenfield Family Tree," 1980 Edition, by C.E. Edenfield. There is more information on subsequent generations).  Please refer to the Edenfield web site for the latest and ultimate information on this family.  Children of John Edenfield and Rebecca listed by Kathleen Oglesby:

  1. Ann Edenfield married before 1720 George Harte, Jr. who died 1748.
  2. John Edenfield, Jr. 1693-1771, married Mary Smith.  Known children John Edenfield, Jr:
    1. Elinor Edenfield married James Clayton
    2. John Edenfield died 1759, married 2nd Persis Berry Hirons
    3. Elizabeth Edenfield married 1st Hugh Parke, 2nd John Cesson, 3rd John Banning, 4th Wm. McKee
    4. Mary Edenfield married Wm. Mason
    5. Lybia Edenfield married Wm. Rodney
  3. Jonas Edenfield died 1747 married Tabitha Stedham.  Known children Jonas Edenfield:
    1. Jonas Edenfield, Jr. married 2nd Jane Moore
    2. Rachel Edenfield married Jonathan McNatt
    3. Richard Edenfield married Dorcas Sturgis
  4. Ellender or Elinor Edenfield married a Looper.
  5. Thomas Edenfield 1717 (c1715-16)-(1775-6) Presumably born in Delaware, died in Orangeburgh District, married Elizabeth Creamer 17(24-25)-17(76-81) & moved to South Carolina.  The following records are a mixture of what Kathleen Oglesby gave to me, and from the Edenfield web site.   The first known mention of a Thomas Edenfield in American was in a will by John Edenfield in Kent County in Delaware where John left him one third part of his estate. A Thomas Edenfield next appears as a Petit Juror in 1737 in Prince George - Winyaw Parish near what is now Georgetown, SC.  The next Thomas Edenfield record is as a witness on a deed where in Joseph Allen and his wife Susannah sold land to John Allston on 11/12 March 1736/37. All parties were from Winneau, Craven Co., SC.  A Thomas Edenfield was appointed constable for Brunswich, New Hanover County, North Carolina on the 11 June 1740. This county is in the southeast corner of North Carolina adjacent to South Carolina. Next a Thomas Edenfield appears before the Council Chamber on 2 October 1764 in Beaufort, South Carolina applies for and petitions the Council for warrant of survey for 200 acres of land in Granville County on the Savannah river where he stated he now lives.  The land was surveyed for him on 17 Oct 1764. The grant for the 200 acres of land was dated the 25 of April in 1765 and a deed was recorded on the 20 of June 1765.  Known children of Thomas Edenfield :
    1. Mary Edenfield b 1746 married Joseph Brooker d1816.  Known daughter:
      1. Ellender Brooker
    2. Ellender Edenfield b 1748 married Lewis Johnston.  Known child:
      1. Jean Johnston
    3. John Edenfield born (9 July?) 1750 nfi
    4. Jesse Edenfield born 7 Oct. 1754 married Mary Reding.  Known children:
      1. Thomas Edenfield 4 May 1775, married Ann Phillips
      2. Nancy Edenfield
      3. John Edenfield
    5. David Edenfield  19 Jan. 1761 SC- 5 Apr. 1856 married Elizabeth Apston 1769-1861.  Died Swainsboro, Emanuel Co., GA.  Children:
      1. Jesse Edenfield 1786 - 1871-1880, married Elizabeth Phillips. 
      2. Elizabeth Edenfield  1813-1895, married William Parker.
      3. Mary Edenfield nfi
      4. John Edenfield 1798-c1880s  married Barbara Edwards.
      5. David Edenfield Jr. 1798-1880 married Cynthia Mobley
      6. Richard Edenfield 1800-1863 married Elizabeth Ann Herrington
      7. James W. Edenfield 1806-8.  married Martha Yeomans
      8. Holly Edenfield 1818/19-1883/4, marr 1st James R. Nunn
      9. Dicie Edenfield 1804-<1859, 2 illegetimates, married? a Davis.
      10. Tississia Edenfield married Daniel D. Thompson.
      11. Adaline (Eddieline) Edenfield 1811/2-1891 or 1898, married Francis Orlando Black.
      12. Joshua Edenfield 1801/6?? - 1830
    6. William Edenfield 1766-1837.  A Barnwell deed certainly makes it appear that William married first a Brooker, sister of John and Joseph Brooker, who died before 1817, and married second Barbara Savage (Barnwell deeds.  These deeds are all on this server, and the hypertext links will jump to them.  If you have clues about these two wives, please send them to me.).  The 1800 Banrwell census shows him with 2m<10, 1m 16-26, 1f 16-26. He was 34.  The 1810 Barnwell census (p78) shows him 2m<10, 1m 26-45, 1f<10, 1f 26-45, no slaves.  He was 44.  The 1830 Barnwell census (p142) shows him with 1m<5, 1m 15-20, 1m20-30, 1m 60-70 (he was 64), 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50, no slaves.  I don't have the 1820 census data on him.  This 1830 census shows his wife considerably younger than he, although the 1800 and 1810 censuses get his age wrong.  The younger wife in the 1830 census, taken literally, suggests that he did marry a second time.  As usual, census data are ambiguous.  His wife is with Wm. N. Edenfield in 1840 at 60-70.  Barbara Savage Edenfield in 1845 sold land owned by Wm. Edenfield, and his son, Wm. Nix Edenfield, witnessed the sale. Katholeen Ogelsby stated that William Edenfield's wife was Barbara Allen, but I can find no documentary support of this, nor any other family record on which to draw conclusions, and these deeds rather strongly indicate that his widow, and probably his second wife, Barbara, was a Savage, not an Allen.  That explains why the Allen family have no knowledge of her.  Known Children of William Edenfield and ____ Brooker (see caveats above):
      1. Hiram Allen Edenfield born 1798 died 1846.
      2. William Nix Edenfield 1806 - 1850, married  Nancy Miller 1811 - 1882.  
        1. John Allison Edenfield 11 September 1829
        2. Martha Jane Edenfield 28 May 1831
        3. Sarah Miriah Edenfield born 16 January 1833
        4. William David Edenfield 6 November 1834
        5. Charles Sheppard Edenfield 9 Sept. 1836
        6. Robert Fulton Edenfield 7 Sept. 1838
        7. Joseph Lawton Edenfield 16 March 1840
        8. Silas Mercer Edenfield 15 May 1842
        9. Ann Elizabeth Edenfield 2 Feb. 1844
        10. William Henry Edenfield 18Sept.1846
        11. Curtis Elliott Edenfield 5 Sept. 1847
        12. Charles Miles Edenfield 23 May 1849
      3. Tabitha Edenfield born (1796-1817) married John W. Cadden.
      4. Wiley G. Edenfield
      5. Susan Edenfield married a Britt.
    7. Thomas Edenfield, Jr. b. 1769 married Mary Ann Creamer b 1763

William Edenfield  born 23 Jan. 1659 Halifax, W. Yorkshire, England, died Dec. 1755/6 married 1st Sarah?, 2nd Ann?  According to the Edenfield web site, he was a brother of John and not a son.  Children:

  1. Elizabeth Edenfield
  2. Eliza Edenfield
  3. John Edenfield died 1795 Kent Co., Delaware.  Married Rachel?   Child:
    1. Samuel Edenfield died 1799 unmarried.
  4. Sarah Edenfield

There is an excellent Edenfield web site!

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