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Erwinton Baptist Church - An African American church in the community formerly known as Erwinton.  This church was organized in 1862, and the Rev Solomon Edwards was the first pastor.  The first Deacons were: Joe Rivers, Sr, Joe Rivers, Jr, Franklin Holmes.  The Rev Sidney Williams was pastor in 1970.  This information was submitted by Brendoris Johnson for inclusion in Allendale on the Savannah, published in 1970 Allendale Co, SC.

verbatum from Allendale on the Savannah (Thanks to Judy Canant!):


Erwinton Baptist Church, (Negro) organized in 1862, is situated in the community formerly known as Erwinton. The first pastor of erwinton was the Rev. Solomon EDWARDS. Originally, there were four (4) deacons in the church among whom were: Joe RIVERS, Sr, who was succeeded by Joe RIVERS, Jr, Franklin HOLMES was also among the deacons who served the church. Others, formerly named, have been active in the church history.

Originally the church membership numbered 75. At present (in 1970) 125 members are enrolled.

The Rev. Sidney WILLIAMS is currently (1970) pastor of Erwinton. This, more than a century old, church membership is composed of descendants of early families.

The churchyard cemetery stones bear silent testimony to many names of persons who actively participated in church life, over the years.

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