The Furmans who lived in Allendale County came from a family of Furmans that began with Giles Firmin b.1560 d. 6/9/1597 of Nayland, Suffolk, England, he was married to Katherine Ive. Then the spelling of the name Firmin was changed to Furman by Joshia Furman, Jr., a great grandson, when they came to America in 1630 abroad the ship Elizabeth. They settled in Watertown, Massachusetts in the 1630s and generations later moved to Charlestown, SC in the 1700s then on to Barnwell, Colleton and Allendale counties. The first ones to reach Charlestown were Wood Furman and his two sons Joshia and Richard. Richard was a great Baptist leader and Furman University was named for him. Joshia, b. 5/13/1744 d. 4/11/1800 had a son Richard William Furman. Richard, b.6/12/1798 d. 1876 married Martha Boyton b. 1803 came up to Colleton and Barnwell County. Richard had a son Rufus Sylvester Furman, b. 7/25/1828 d.9/26/1884 was born in Barnwell County he married Sarah McMillian (1825-1868) in July 1849. One of Rufus and Sarah's son was Curtis Swepson Furman, my grand father.

Curtis Swepson Furman b.3/18/1857 d. 8/18/1936 was born in Colleton County but spent most of his adult life in Allendale County. He was married to Viannah Williams b. 9/16/1856 d. 4/25/1904 they had ten children:

Sarah Furman b. 12/06/ 1881 d. 12/06/ 1881 buried @ Mt. Arnon; Ella Leoni Furman b. 1/11/1884 d. 7/24/1889; Lillie Juanita b. 2/18/1886 d. 2/26/1887; Metius Clyde Furman b. 1887 d. 1910; Arthur Curtis Furman b. 1890 d. 1906; Earl Pinkney Furman b. 1890 d. 7/24/1961; Ralph Furman b.7/21/1894 d. 10/05/1894; Alma Lucille Furman b. 1895 d. 6/15/1985; Carey Lester Furman b. 10/16/1899 d. 8/18/1948; Delacey Wyman Furman b. 1901 d. 1929.

Carey and Earl lived all of their lives in Allendale

Earl Pinkney Furman born 1890 died 7/24/1961 married Mona Pate born 4/12/1912 died 1963. They had two children

  1. Earl Pinkney Furman Jr. killed in action during WWII

  2. Dorothy Furman

Carey Lester Furman b. 10/16/1899 d. 8/18/1948 married Kitty Mable Augley b. 5/12/1900 d. 4/10/1998 in 1919. They had four sons

  1. John Lester Furman 1/15/1920 - July 30, 2002.

  2. William Curtis Furman 5/26/1922

  3. Clyde Edward Furman 7/31/1924

  4. Richard Carey Furman 6/13/1943

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