Elijah Gillett 1755-1818. Sheriff, son of Aaron & JerushaGillett. Married Elizabeth Scarborough. Medical Doctor. Sargeant-Generalof Army of South in Revolutionary War and was given land by Congress forservice. Appointed Sheriff by Judges of Winton Court 1787-1789. Lived athis plantation, Richmond Hill. Will written 1817, died 4 September 1818,rec. 1818. Buried at Gillett Family Burying Ground near Baldoc. Wife Elizabeth.(Mrs. Hicks 30 July 1991 p3, and The County Offices and Officers of BarnwellCounty, SC 1775-1975, Reynolds & Fuant, The Reprint Company, 1976 p8).

Alexander Hamilton Gillett,

Wm. S. Gillett. Lucy Scarbrough will 1815 names ElizabethGillett wife of Wm. S. Gillett. Grandsons Alex Hamilton, Wm. S., Aaron Gillett,granddaughter Julia Gillett, etc.  Grandsons of Wm. S. Gillett

  1. Aaron Gillett
  2. Julia Gillett
  3. Lucy Gillett
  4. Lavinia Gillett

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