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The early colonial history of the county boundaries is given on the state page here. (off site)

The present Allendale County was formed in 1919 from Barnwell and Hampton Counties, the youngest county in South Carolina! The town of Allendale is named after Paul H. Allen.  We have a brief history of the geographical area now known as Allendale County, plus a detailed Allen family genealogy.  The area was settled in the mid-eighteenth century by English, German, and so called Scots-Irish  farmers, and it remains primarily agricultural. The plantation of Confederate General Johnson Hagood (1829-1898) was in what is now Allendale County, and the artist Jasper Johns spent his childhood years in Allendale (South Carolina State Library 1996).  A small map showing the location of the historical markers discussed in the text on the web site is located here.  

Allendale Elementary School, Picture Copyright 2007 John Skardon, used with permission.
Allendale High School, Picture Copyright 2007 John Skardon, used with permission.

Things are not as they appear(?).  The original site of the town of Allendale was not the present town center.  There is an historical marker at the original location, which is southwest of Allendale at the intersection of roads 107 and 47.  The historical marker is in the southwest corner of the intersection.  It reads: "Original site of Allendale, named for its first postmaster, Paul Allen, in 1849.  Sherman's troops under Gen. Kilpatrick camped here.  Town moved to present site by 1873."  The marker was erected by the Allendale County Museum.  (South Carolina Highway Historical Marker Guide, published by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1998).(Historical Marker 3-7)

For the history deprived, in the spring of 1865, Sherman's crew burned each and every one of the buildings at the old location of Allendale, which were on the Savannah River, to the ground, and probably attempted to burn the very ground itself.  In Georgia they burned Atlanta and books, in SC, they attempted to burn the very dirt.  War may be hell, but Sherman, his associates, allies, and their ilk, have been wished there ever since by all who were in his path.  He forever changed the literal face of everything in his path.

There is also an historical maker in the center of Allendale, in front of the county administration building on U.S. 301.  It reads: "Town of Allendale.  In 1810, pursuant to an Act of the South Carolina General Assembly, the state conveyed a 1000 acre land grant signed by governor John Drayton to Benjamin and G. Washington Allen.  The acreage included the present town of Allendale, which is presumed to have derived its name from the Allen family.  (Reverse) Allendale post office was established here July 11, 1849; Paul H. Allen was the first postmaster.  By 1873 the Port Royal Railroad had completed a line through Allendale, and that same year the town was incorporated by the South Carolina General Assembly.  The town limits extended in a three-quarter mile radius from the depot. Erected by Allendale Civic League-1980." (South Carolina Highway Historical Marker Guide, published by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1998).  (Historical Marker 3-5)

Don Brunson points out that the settlement of Pallachocolas, consisted of 200 people who landed in 1734 at Port Royal on a ship from England before proceeding to Pallachocolas.  He states that some families in this area may date from this event.

Cohen's Bluff on the Savannah River, Allendale County, courtesy of and copyright ©2003 Mim Bryan.  (The name of this location was changed from Matthews Bluff to Cohens Bluff sometime after 1850.)

Memoirs of Tarleton Brown!  Thanks to Gene Jarrell.

Court House Fire in 1998. (no records lost)

We are blessed with many excellent church histories (thanks to those who record them, those who saved them, and those who submitted them for the web site!):

Allendale Church Histories
Allendale Presbyterian
Concord Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Fairfax
King Creek Church
Lower Three Runs Baptist Church
John Henry Graff’s Ministry at St. Nicholas’ Lutheran Church 1804-1813
Mt. Arnon Baptist Church.
Pleasant Mountain Church
Smyrna S.B.C.
The Barnwell Baptist Association, 1914.

SC Historical Society via the South Carolina Info Hwy. In the Names in South Carolina volumes 1-30 1943-1983, published by the Department of English, University of SC, Columbia SC.

Under Some Plantation Names Near Allendale, Volume XIX: 24 states concerning

Bull Pond-

Bull Pond was a plantation of Michael Brown whose 1835 will devised it to his children. The 700 acre place adjoined William Flowers and William R. Erwin.

Coutesy of Leslie J. Green  (please send an updated Email address!)

If you are confused by some of the early 19th century script, here is an image of the written double "s" (SS).

There were documented  Gypsies in this area in the early 19th century.  I have found one probable record of Gypsies in the area.

Allendale has a local Historical Society.


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