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This church, situated in Martin, Allendale County, celebrated its 200th birthday in 1989 by turning out a book of the history of this church and a  commemorative plate.  The following book about the church was published at that time:

"A Baptist Church For 200 Years  1789-1989, A History of Lower Three Runs Baptist Church, Martin, South Carolina," by Billy L. Mew.

Here is a sample of some of the information it contains:  Page 37. CEMETERY The local cemetery known for many years as the Furse Mill Cemetery was acquired by Lower  Three Runs Baptist Church in September of 1976 from H.E. Johnson and Eugene Johnson for the sum of $5.00.  The cemetery site contains two (2) acres. The church voted to officially change the name of the cemetery to be "Lower Three Runs Cemetery".  The cemetery is located on hwy 125 and S-3-17. There are 95 people buried in the cemetery.  Following is a list of all known names of people buried in the Lower Three Runs Cemetery along with dates of birth and death if available. (thanks to J. Wise!)

History of Lower Three Runs Baptist Church

Pastors at Lower Three Runs Baptist Church

Lower Three Runs Baptist Church Cemetery

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