Of The Congarees, & Allendale Co., SC

James L. Myrick born<1764 died 1814, wife Mary Brooker (dau. John Brooker)

Mrs. Hicks, 30 July 1991 p5, asserts (without reference, but she has been right on everything so far!) that "one James Myrick was in Richland CO., SC, and ran a Ferry near Gill's Creek in 1749. James Myrick had land surveyed in Barnwell Co. 11/8/1784 (plat book 1-321, 1-320, & 8-83) for 100 acres on Well Branch rec. 6/9/1785, and 100 acres near Well Branch. James L. Myrick owned land adjacent to John Gill's 1787 286 acre plat"on the waters of the Great Saltcatcher."

1787. Winton (Barnwell) County Minutes of County Court & Will Book 1, 1785-1791 (Holcomb, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1978) p6 No.2 (Wed. 17 Jan. 1787) Absalom Causey agt. James Mirick (sic) writ served on the Body of James Mirick the 28th day of Demr.1786 by Henry Mills. Postponed until the next Court by reqr. of the defts.  (ibid p9, Wed.28th Apr. 1787) Absalom Causey agt James Myrick No. 2. Writ. the verdict of the Jury that the defendant the plaintiff 10 with cost of Court (I think Holcomb left out something here). (ibid p23 Tuesday 16th Oct. 1787) Ordered that the Pettit Jury be call'd, list includes James Myrick. (note "bastardy" entries, pages 25, 27, and 28, are detailed separately).  Holcomb's republication of The Winton (Barnwell) County Minutes of County Court and Will Book 1, 1785-1791 (Holcomb, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1978) pages 25 & 27 details the following (original p58, from p56: Wednesday 17th Oct. 1787):

The County against Elizabeth Myrick, Bastardy. Elizabeth Myrick came into Court and swore that Dennis Murphy of the Congaree (son of Hugh Murphy, see Murphy family) sic is father of a Bastard child called Lany (lists Larry in index); that the father of John another Bastard is Edward Southwell, deceased; that the father of Mary another Bastard Child was also said Edward Southwell and that the father of Sarah, another Base Born child is William Southwell. The Court fined the said Elizabeth Myrick 15 proclamation money to be paid within nine months.

The Court have ordered that Sieri Facias be issued against Dennis Murphey of the Congaree and William Southwell of Winton County, to show cause why fines should not be levied on their estates. (same p27, original p60, apparently same day) Mary Southwell and Francis Bassett came into Court and acknowledged themselves indebted to the County in the sum of Twenty five pounds Sterling to be void on the personal appearance of the sd. Mary Southwell to answer the charge of the Court.  Mary herXmark Southwell, Francis Bassett

(next entry) Elizabeth Myrick & James Myrick came into Court & acknowledged themselves indebted to the County of Winton each in the (sic) of 25 Sterling to be void on the personal appearance of the sd. Elizabeth Myrick at the next Court to answer the charges of this Court. Mary herXmark Myrick (says Holcomb, is this Elizabeth Myrick?), James hisXmark Myrick

(ibid p28, Thursday 18th Oct. 1787) State against Henry Mills; for marking and branding a cow; a jury being called Paneled and sworn; viz: James Myrick & others. (ibid p34) James Myrick obtained a License to keep Ordinary, Thomas Morris was his Security.

1788. (all dated 7 Jan. 1788 p35, original p28)

page 7, Brown vs Myrick contd. (was this entry relevant to the bastardy case?). Page 8, State vs Dennis Murphy. Page 9, State vs Southwell - Ordered to give Security/in off/ to indemnify the County & pay Costs. Ordered that a Subpoena & Copy be issued for every Witness Summond (sic). (ibid p137) 18 Jan. 1788 Debit James Myrick to Fee for Tavern License 3.  (Friday 18 Jan. 1788, ibid p38) O. State vs That/ Eli Myrick appear within one Month at the Clerks Office and give Security to Indemnify the County for the maintenance and support of the following illegitimate /children/ Amy, John, Mary, and Sarah, fifty pounds each. What a family! James Myrick purchased from Wm. Buford 54 acres on Well Branch for 6 Deeds Book 1 p267 3/6/1788, 7/8/1788.  (ibid p45 Tuesday 6 May 1788) Mr. Wm. Buford Esq. acknowledged his Deed to James Myrick for 54 acres of Land, Ordered to be Recorded. (ibid p46 Wed. 7 May 1788) Buxton vs Jas. Myrick; the jury being sworn.  (ibid p48, apparently 8 May 1788) #48 Elizabeth Williams (who is she?) vs Elizabeth Myrick - Judgment by default, 10 & Cost. (ibid p49) Ordered that Mary Southwell be allowed 11 days attendance Williams vs Myrick at the Plaintiff Cost. This clearly is part of the "Bastardy" proceeding. (ibid p49, same day) Order that Sarah Southwell be allowed 8 days Attendance in the Suit of Williams vs Myrick at the Pltff Cost. (ibid p50) Ordered that Lorana French be allowed 4 days attendance in the Suit of Elizabeth A. Williams /vs/ James Myrick at the Suit of Deft. (ibid p135) recv. 8 May 1788 To Cash of James Myrick for Ordinary License 3. (ibid p133: "A List of Sundry Fines due to Winton County"). 13 July 1788. 1788 July 13, James Myrick fine for security indemnification (Winton Will Book 1 1787-91).  Mary Southwell & Francis Bassett Security Indemnification.  Elizabeth Myrick & James Myrick Security Ditto.  William Southwell & Francis Bassett Ditto.  (ibid p62 6 Nov. 1788) The Hoggs & the Cattle under Execution, Elizabeth Williams vs. Elizabeth Myrick, are ordered by the Court to be returned, the Property being Proved the Hogs the Property of John Myrick, so(n?) of Elizabeth Myrick & the Cattle to Sarah Southwell.

1789 Tavern License 18 Jan. 1789 renew 1.1 (ibid). (ibid p66 2 Feb.. 1789) On the application of James Myrick his Ordinary License was renewed. (ibid p140) 5 Feb.. 1789 James Myrick in List of Sundry Fees & Fines due Winton Co. Tavern Lic. Fee pd 1.10.

(ibid p78 6 May 1789) Sarah Southwell Executrix of Edwd. Southwells Last Will & Testament, Came into Court & made oath that the Last Will of Testament of Edward Southwell now produced in the Last Will & Testament of Edw. Southwell was Ordered to be recorded & took Oath of an Executrix accordingly. Ordered that Reuben Golikely, James Myrick, & Thomas Morris be appointed Appraisers of the said Estate & make their Report to the Court. (ibid p136) 7 May 1789 To Cash of James Myrick Tavern Tax 2 2. 7 May 1789 to James Myrick tavern tax 1.10. One of appraisers of estate of Edward Southwell 29 August 1789, signed by mark with bars top, bottom, & through the middle. The other two appraisers were Reuben Golikely & Thomas Morris.

1790. (ibid p137) 18 Jan. 1790 To Tavern License Renewed 1 1. 5 Aug. 1790 To Tavern License Renewed 1 1. (ibid p140) 4 Aug. 1790 James Myrick tavern License Fee pd. 1 1. (ibid p118 5 August 1790) On application of James Myrick to keep Tavern at his House granted on giving Bond & Security according to Law. James Myrick 5 Aug. 1790 tavern license renew 1.1 (ibid). (ibid p124 3 Nov. 1790) #116 Idem __ vs Jas. Myrick - Dismist.

Myricks in the 1790 SC Census:
1790 Census Data
Page name m>16 m<16 f slaves
77 Elizabeth Myrick 0 1 4 0 96 Dist., Newberry Co.
34 Francis Myrick 1 0 1 2 Charleston Dist. St. Bartholomes Parish
99 Henry Myrick 1 0 1 0 Orangeburgh Dist. South Part
101 James Myrick 4 4 4 2 Orangeburgh Dist. South Part
34 Mrs. Myrick 0 1 2 5 Charleston Dist. St. Bartholomes Parish

5 Feb.. 1791 James Myrick Tavern Tax 1.10. 5 Oct. 1801 James Myrick purchased from Benj. Odom, Sr, 1 acres on Turkey Cr. for 7 Book 2 p141 rec. 26 Nov. 1801. 16 Sept. 1802 James Myrick purchased from Jos. Reid for $100 100 acres on Turkey Cr. Book A p307, rec. 25 Mar. 1803.

Barnwell Co. 1800 Census Data
Roll Page name born m<10 m<16 m<26 m<45 m>45 f<10 f<16 f<26 f<45 f>45 persons

of color

54 Henry Myrick
James Myrick
not complete

17 Oct. 1808 James Myrick served as a juror (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 221).  25 Nov. 1808 Barnwell Deeds D157, James Myrick for $200 paid by Joseph Duncan sell 100 acres, sold to said James Myrick by Jos. Reid, surveyed for said Reid 5 Jan. 1801. Signed James hisXmark Myrick, wit. Robert Lancaster, Jas. Collins. Mary Myrick, wife of James, release all rights and claims, Mary herXmark Myrick. 25 Nov. 1808 Deeds D159 I James Myrick for $200 paid by Jos. Duncan sell 1 acre near Turky Ck. waters of Big Saltcatcher sold by Benj. Odom, Sr. to James Myrick, Sr. joining John Carr, Meeting House. Same as above. Mary as above.  5 Dec. 1808 Deeds E396 James Myrick planter for $400 pd by Thos. Riley sell land in fork of Moodys & Wells Branches 200 acres granted 2 Oct. 1786. James Myrick by mark, Mary Myrick by mark. Wit: Eli Myrick, Shadrick Parker. Deeds E397 I James Myrick planter for $300 paid by Thos. Riley sell 300 acres including the fork of Well Branch & Moodys Branch as appears in grant dated 2 Oct. 1781. 5 Dec. 1808. As before.

1810 Census Data
Roll Page name born m<10 m<16 m<26 m<45 m>45 f<10 f<16 f<26 f<45 f>45 persons

of color

75 Eli Myrick
not complete

1814. James Myrick, who signed by mark, was born before 1766, died in 1814.  His wife was Mary Brooker. His will is found in Winton Will Book 1 p56, Barnwell Will Book A p179, probate package 22-8, wife Mary, children: Henry Myrick, James Myrick, Eli Myrick, John Myrick, William Myrick, Elizabeth Gill, Mary Jackson. Exr: Eli Myrick & Mary Myrick. Witness: Richard X Morris & John Bassett. Signed 6 March 1814, executed 21 May 1814. I read folder 22-8 twice, checked every book twice, states "7 heirs" but never states to which Gill Elizabeth was married.  Annette O'Brien states she was married to Richard Gill, Sr.  Some heirs were in Alabama and Mississippi. Appraisers were John Bassett, Miles Riley, Thomas Riley, W. Barker, and Wm. Cave. Daniel Jackson purchased extensively at the sale and is probably the husband of Mary Myrick. This may be "D. Jackson" on Mill's Atlas.

1817 April 15, Deeds J370 I John Brooker for diverse good causes & the good will & regard that I have for and towards my dear & loving children that I do freely give to them all my family of negroes - to 1st son Wm. Brooker negro Frank, Henry, Peter, Phillis; & to my dear & affectionate son John Brooker a negro woman Lucia & her 2 children Mary & Little Phillis; to my dau. Mary Mirick negro girl Ritten; to my dau. Sarah Stinson negro boy named Jack; to my granddaughter Mary Thomas 1 negro girl Caroline; to my grandson Joseph Brooker 1 negro girl Esther; which is all my estate. Gives to John Brooker son of John Brooker, Senr. in behalf of whole written above. John X Brooker. Wit: Samuel P. Youmans, Jacob G. Powers.

Children of James Myrick & Mary Brooker Myrick of Barnwell:

1. Henry Myrick born <1781 alive 1814, sold land to Wm. Barker, Deeds G218, 20 July 1802, rec. 2 August 1813 for $80 100 acres by Big Salkehatchie. 1809 January 9 Henry Myrick, James Myrick, Richard Gill & Daniel Jackson, sent a letter signed by, among others, Tarleton Brown, Col., ODA Allen, Clerk of Barnwell District, and James Duncan Park, Master of Barnwell Court House, for a passport through the Creek Nation (i.e. they migrated west, perhaps Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana). Richard Gill removed to Clarke Co., AL, where he died in 1845.

2. James Myrick born<1788 alive 1814. 1809 January 9 James Myrick, Hy Myrick, Richard Gill & Daniel Jackson, sent a letter signed by, among others, Tarleton Brown, Col., ODA Allen, Clerk of Barnwell District, & James Duncan Park, Master of Barnwell Court House, for a passport through the Creek Nation (i.e. they migrated west, perhaps Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana).

3. Eli Myrick b<1767 married Mary Creech, daughter of William Creech (his will in Barnwell Will Book C p114). (Friday 18 Jan. 1788, ibid p38). State vs Eli Myrick, ordered that appear within one Month at the Clerks Office & give Security to Indemnify the County for the maintenance & support of the following illegitimate children: Amy, John, Mary, & Sarah, 50 each. Eli Myrick administered the estate of Jeremiah Faust, Letters Adm. 1809-26 page 224 23 Jan. 1824. Eli Myrick served as a juror 3 Nov. 1834 (p189 Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Fall 1841). Eli Myrick died 1841, Barnwell Probate "Journal 1840" p10 states Estate of Eli Myrick 28 May 1841, will on oath of John Creech.  Eli Myrick 1841. Barnwell Probate "Journal 1840" page 10 states Estate of Eli Myrick 28 may 1841, will on oath of John Creech.  I am not sure if I ever read his will.

4. John Myrick born <1784 alive 1814, married Mary. Either John or his father married Mary Brooker (Deed of John Brooker, Barnwell Deeds J370 John Brooker says "my daughter Mary Mirick (sic)", 15 Apr. 1817). Sold land to James Harley, Deeds E100 11/5/1805, 8/6/1810 for $450 300 acres by Savannah River. Mary & John Myrick sell 144 acres to Wm. Cave, Sr., Deeds CC156 1846, 1/3/1846 for $250 by Hurricane Br. John Myrick sold land Deeds CC532 to Eli I. Brunson 7/24/1841, 1/25/1849 for $100 96 acres by Well Branch. John Myrick sold 1041 acres of land to Jones M. Wms Book III 667 2/12/1863, 1/4/1875 for $7287 on Well Branch.

5. William Myrick alive 1814

6. Elizabeth Myrick born before 1766, unmarried in 1787, married a Gill after Nov. 1788 and before March 1814. alive 1814. (p150 original p55) Will of Edward Southwell of South Carolina, Orangeburg District ... to wife Sarah Southwell, all my Household furniture, and after her decease to equally divide between my three sons and my daughter Mary Southwell, Sons: Edward, John, William, ..., 22 March 1775 ... signed Edward Southwell. wit: John Clayton, Edward Southwell, Richard Jackson (P), Proven by John Clayton before Wm. Robison, JP 24 March 1778, prov. in Winton Co. 6 May 1789, rec 29 Aug. 1789. (p150 original p56) Inventory & appraisement of the Estate of Edwd. Southwell, decd, Total 92 13, Certified 13 June 1789, by Reuben Golikely (R), Thomas Morris, James Myrick (by mark), rec. 29 Aug. 1789. This will, which documents William Southwell's father, shows that Edward Southwell removed to what was to become Winton County before the Revolutionary War. Note above that John and Mary Southwell were illegitimate children which he had with Elizabeth Myrick. Makes one wonder who was the mother of Edward and William! To add insult to such behavior, Edward Southwell's son, William Southwell, also had an illegitimate child, Sarah, by Elizabeth Myrick. It is documented that James Myrick ran a Tavern, and these records make it appear that he sold his daughter on the side!

These records detail that Elizabeth Myrick had four illegitimate children by three different people by 1787. The record on page 27 suggests that this was in fact James Myrick's daughter, Elizabeth Myrick, who had these illegitimate children. On this page is found the next entry after Mary Southwell (one of the illegitimate children) and Francis Bassett (why was he involved here?) that Elizabeth Myrick and James Myrick came into court and acknowledged themselves indebted to the County of Winton for 25 Lbs. personal recognizance to answer the charges of court( the charges of court, listed on page 25 are "bastardy"). Edward Southwell was apparently quite an old man. This record shows that the Myrick family came from the Congarees, as the "fathers" are: Dennis Murphey of the Congarees, Edward Southwell, deceased (Winton), and William Southwell (Winton). William was Edward's son, as the will documents. William Southwell lived adjacent to John Gill. Mary Southwell, one of these four illegitimate children came into court during this session with Francis Bassett to "answer the charge of the court!", which indicates that Francis Bassett was intimately acquainted with both the Myricks and John Gill. Can you believe this stuff went on right after the Revolutionary War? I never noticed these entries before. I decided to read the entire Winton book cover to cover (I have Holcomb's version) and found these records. Note also that Elizabeth's brother, Eli, also had four illegitimate children.

If Edward Southwell died 1778. Winton Co. then how could he father John Southwell b<1787, illegitimate child of Elizabeth Merrick? Is it possible that John is the son of Edward Jr. instead of Old Edward? Found in the bible of a descendent of John L. Southwell was the following : John L. Southwell born June 26, 1782, died November 8, 1843. This date corresponds with the date of Elizabeth's son but not with the recorded date of birth of Old Edward's son John Southwell. This would make more sense, especially since Edward Jr's brother William also fathered an illegitimate child with Elizabeth. On additional question: concerning the middle name of John Southwell, where is there documentation of his middle name being Lafayette? I have only found records of John Southwell, John L. Southwell and J.L. Southwell.

7. Mary Myrick married a Jackson, probably Daniel Jackson, she was alive 1814. Daniel Jackson purchased extensively at the estate sale. Probably the "D. Jackson" on Mill's atlas.

Contact Robert Myrick ( with information on this family.

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