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In the pamphlet by Billy Mew is contained a list of the pastors of Lower Three Runs/Columbia Baptist Church who have served during the past 200 years; These pastors served the original Lower Three Runs/Columbia Baptist Church:

  1. Rev. Nathaniel Walker 1789-1795
  2. Rev. James Stewart 1796-1806
  3. Rev. Ethelred Owens 1807-1811
  4. Rev. Mathew Gauce 1812-1816
  5. Rev. Darling Peeples 1817-1820
  6. Rev. Berrymore Cave 1821
  7. Rev. H.D. Duncan (Hansford) 1822-1839
  8. Rev. L.M. Brown (Lewis) 1840-1845
  9. Rev. W. T. Sanders 18446-1847
  10. Rev. B. M. Cave 1848
  11. No Report 1849-1851
  12. Rev. Wm. S. Johnson 1852-1857
  13. Rev. W. C. Baxley 1858-1861
  14. Rev. C.A. Baynard 1862-1868

Pastors who have served during the past 200 years: These pastors served the new Lower Three Runs/Tom's Branch Church: Rev. James Sweat 1840

  1. Rev. Jos. J. Lawton 1841-1845
  2. Rev. L.M. Brown 1846
  3. Rev. J.J. Furse 1847-1849
  4. Rev. Wm. S. Johnson 1850-1851
  5. Rev. Isaac Nichols 1852-1854
  6. Rev. J. J. Furse 1855-1860
  7. Rev. J.S. Lawton 1861
  8. Rev. M.r. Suares 1861-1866
  9. No Report 1865-1866.

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