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(abutters on Thomas Gill 636a plat, intermarried with Jacksons)

John Platts, Senior born <1767 d1799 married Sophia. John Platt bought a slave from Thomas Morris 11 August 1788, Dido, 14 year old girl, for 74 Lbs., witnesses were Richard Creech & John Gill (Winton Will Book 1 p25). Barnwell Will Book A p242. wife Sophia, states "sons" & "daughter". Ex. wife Sophie & "trusty friend & hire?" Jacob Harter. wit. George Kape?. $10,000 bond to John Platts, Jr. Security Jacob Mahan, John Varn. 6 November 1799, $10,000 bond 15 March 1816. Only states son John Platts, no statement of other children, just "sons and daughters."

John Platts born <1778 - died 1860-61 wife Elizabeth. John Platts purchased from Wm. Hudson (Barnwell Deeds J323) on 3/3/1817 for $183.75, 245 acres on Cowpen Branch, part of 1200a granted to Wm. Hudson 2 April 1787 called #4. Signed Wm. Hudson, Eliz. X Hudson, Ann X Hudson, Wit: John Jenny, John his*mark Leadholls, rec: 4/1/1817. Barnwell Platt surveyed 7/19/1824 by David Walker Bk 4-243 & 7-210, rec. 8/2/1824 192 acres on Cowpen Branch. Barnwell Deeds BB498 & BB273 John Platts to St. Nicholas Lutheran Church, 8/28/1844 1/7/1845 for $3, 3 acres by Cowpen Branch NE, SE, SW by John Platts, NW estate of Charles Gray. Wit: W.R. Weeldy, George Jenny?. Will 1855 rec 1861 wife Elizabeth, sons: Joseph, William, John E. Dau: Eliza, Susannah (Mrs. Hicks 30 July 1991 p4).

(end of the children of John Platts)

(unknown) Platts dead by 1810 married Mary ____

Edward Platts Barnwell Plat 7/9/1808 surveyed by John Allen, 362a on Powell's Branch, Bk 2-43 & 8-483, rec. 7/11/1808. Barnwell Deeds E189 on 10/23/1810 was given by Edward hisXmark Jackson for Love and Affection: hereunto moving: 1 sorrel horse 5 years old, 1 sorrel mare 4 years old, 1 sorrel stud horse 3 years, Jackson retains control until Platts is 25. Wit: John Southwell, David hisXmark Thompson. Rec: 10/23/1810, same day as written. Barnwell Deeds E190 10/23/1810 rec. Same day, Mary herXmark Platts to my son Edward Platts: hereunto moving I give 100a, originally granted to James Myrick on Wyatts Pond? Head of Well Branch waters of Big Salkehatchie, 42 hogs, 34 cattle, 2 feather beds & furniture, she retains full control until her decease. Wit: John Southwell, David hisXmark Thompson. Edward Platts land sold by Sheriff, seized in his Demesne, Ct. Common Please Spring Term page 182 by Jaby G. Boosun for $22.50 & costs of court, sold to Wm. Berker, 362 acres on Powell's Branch waters of Big Saltcacther, Barnwell Deeds R422 on 7/2/1827 Wit: Miles Riley, Wm. Barker, F. Murphy, rec. 7/14/1831.  (This record means that Edward Platts lost a court case, and either did not appear, or did not pay his fine, and his land was seized and sold. -FOC)

Thomas Platt by (Aaron Smith) Jeremiah Miller, Adm. 18 March 1802, Barnwell Probate Bun 4 Pkg 2.

Lydia Lurannah Platts born c1793-1813. Barnwell Deeds G276 given by Edward hisXmark Jackson 10/4/1813 rec 11/9/1813 for Love and Affection 533 acres by Hurricaine Branch of Saltcatcher, hereunto moving. Adjoins Michael French, rest vacant. Jackson retains sole control as trustee until she is 25. Wit: Wm.W.L. Duncan, Willis J. Duncan.

David Platts died 1841, widow was Sarah. Barnwell Deeds X274, /1841 3/29/1841, for Love & Affection I give personal property & 200a of Harrison Tract to my daughter Charity Creech wife of Stephen Creech, 200 acres land originally granted to Charles Harrison, & to my daughter Mary Platts 2 negro children, wife gets rest. Dau. Mary to remain at home until she marries. "Present wife" Sarah Platts. I Appoint John Platts my executor. David hisXmark Platts. Wit: Wm. G. Harter, Allan Harter.

John Platts born <1862 Barnwell Deeds BB273 John Platts sells to Wm. A. Platts for $200 520 acres in Barnwell & Beaufort Dist.. On waters of Cowpen Branch, adj: John Toadhold, est. N. Hunter, Jones, John & George Irving 20 Dec. 1843, Wit: Hy. S. Harter, Geo. Irny?. Rec. 29 Oct. 1845.

James P. Platts plat surveyed 9/27/1853 rec 10/18/1853 by S.W.McKenzie, Barnwell Bk. 6-295 53a on Powell's Branch.

The Platts Family received their original grant in 1752 on the Salkehatchie River near the Rivers Bridge State Park in what is Allendale County today. My part of the family purchased land in Beaufort County in 1820 in what is the Hickory Grove community of Hampton County. While I am the President of the John Platts/David Holbrook Platts Family Reunion, Rose Marie Williams of Abbeville is really the Platts historian. Some of the Platts family moved into the Denmark area of Bamberg County and dropped the "s" off the name for the Platt family in that area. The German name was Platz.l

Holbrook Platts

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