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Pleasant Mountain Baptist Church (Rev. Billy Mew, 1993)

Pleasant Mountain Baptist Church was organized in 1872. The church was located in Barnwell County, South Carolina, in Pleasant Mountain Community in the vicinity of Dunbarton. There is no report of the charter members, but at the 1872 meeting of the Barnwell Baptist Association, a report recorded 20 members, five of whom had been baptized since the organizing of the church. The first pastor was Reverend P. J. Hiers. The new church joined the Barnwell Baptist Association in the first year of its existence. This event occurred at the "sixteenth annual session of the Barnwell Baptist Association which was held at the Healing Springs Church, commencing on Friday before the second Lord's Day in November, 1872. Three new churches, called Spring Branch, Pleasant Mountain Baptist Church and the Bamberg Baptist Church, applied for admission into the association through their delegate. On motion, these churches were received and the Moderator extended the right hand of fellowship to their delegates" (1872 Barnwell Baptist Association Minutes [BBAM] 18723). A building was erected very early. The association sought to help in a small way. The 1872 minutes report, "Resolved, that twenty-five dollars of the association fund be given to brother P.H. Hiers, for building Pleasant Mountain Church"(BBAM 187211). In 1886, Pleasant Mountain joined the Savannah River Association. Rev. P. J. Hiers was their delegate to the Savannah River Baptist Association. Only 29 members were reported and property valued at $250.00. Pleasant Mountain would remain a member of SRBAM until 1949. A new church building was built and was dedicated on April 18, 1897. Today, members of Pleasant Mountain tell of a church burning (date unknown).

Another church building (located in Martin today) was built around 1915. A stone marker in the church yard has the year 1915 on it. It appears that these three buildings were built on at least two different sites. Pleasant Mountain rejoined the Barnwell Baptist Ass. in 1950. "Rev. Carroll presented application of Pleasant Mountain Church for membership in Barnwell Ass.. Motion made by Rev. Gunter for approval.Rev. Willis Haskel, pastor, was called to the front of the auditorium and was extended the right hand of fellowship by Bro. Carroll in behalf of the association" (BBAM 195022). When the Savannah River Plant came into the area, Pleasant Mountain Church was moved in 1952. The building was moved to a new site about three miles away on the corner of Patterson Mill road S-3-45 and S-3-161 in Allendale County. A cemetery remains near the old site and a new cemetery is at the present location.

On September 30, 1984, the congregation voted to dismiss. However, it was decided to continue to have worship services every fifth Sunday of each year. Rev. Rommie Martin conducted the services. The deacons were elected trustees and the clerk and treasurer is Edward Towne. There are 13 names remaining on the church membership rolls. The building and cemetery continues to be maintained. The bulk of the members either joined or attended Lower Three Runs Baptist Church, a neighboring church. Fifth Sunday services still continues and are well attended. The 1915 building is still in use. This wood frame building features tongue and groove boards for the wall and ceiling, hand made pews, and is one of the few church buildings that does not have air conditioning.

19th and early-mid 20th centuries Pastors: Rev. P. J. Hiers, Rev. J.F. Morrall, Rev. W. G. Britton, Rev. F. Jones, Rev. H.S. Limmer, Rev. Wm. Haynesworth, Rev. J. H. Stoudenmire, Rev. E.H .Clark, Rev. M. W. Rankin, Rev. W. M. Jones, Rev. C. W. Jones, Rev. Robert Johnson, Rev. N. J. Kimbrell, Rev. Willis Haskel, Rev. Coley L. Cleveland, Rev. LeLand Browder, Sr., Rev. Ernest Williams, Rev. Glenn Britt.

Clerks: WMS/WMU Presidents, Eulalia Bates(now Baker), James Duncan, Sr., Lucille Towne McDonald, A. P. Penwell, J.B. Williams, Mrs. G.W. (Mary) Duncan, Mrs. Francis Handberry, Mrs. W. D. Key, Mrs. Catherine Lemasters, Miss Ruth Ratteree, Mrs. Olen Rountree, Mrs. W. J. Rountree, Mrs. A. M. Wall.

Treasurers: G. W. Duncan, J. Y. Harley, D. A, Key, Lucille Towne McDonald, W. J. Rountree, Edward Towne, A.M. Wall.

Deacon Chairmen: J.T. Duncan, Jr., Edward Towne, B. M. Wall.

Sunday School Superintendents (Directors): J. T. Duncan, Jr., A.P. Penwell, J. B. Ratteree, Lindsey Rountree, W. C. Simmons, Edward Towne, B. M. Wall, Marion E. Webb

Brotherhood President: B.M. Wall

This information is taken from: "Memories of Home Dunbarton and Myers Mill Remembered" written by Tonya Algerine Browder, Richard David Brooks and David Colin Crass. These authors were used by the Savannah Archaeological Research for collecting information on the area taken by the government in the early 1950's. The first page states "1993 Savannah Archaeological Research Program, South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology,University, University. All rights reserved. This study was conducted through funding provided by the United States Department of Energy under contract DE-FC09-88SR15199. This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by the United States Government. Neither the United States nor the United States Department of Energy, nor their employees, nor their contractors, subcontractors, or their employees, make any warranty for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately-owned rights."

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