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Inventory of Records (Most of Allendale County was part of Barnwell County until 1919)

(This listing is from the SCDAH county records inventory)

(records dated before 20 February 1791 are Winton County records)
The Winton District court book is extant and has been republished.  
Copies are in the Barnwell Court House

Register of Mesne Conveyances (deeds)

Conveyance Books, 1786-1930...1945, 79 MFM,12 mfm, 1 wpa Index, 1786-1936, 8 MFM,1 mfm
Master's Conveyance Book, 1912-37, 1 MFM Plats, 1981-1985, 1 NFM
Plat Books, 1921-1934, 1939-1951, 1979-1985, 4 MFM; Index, 1921-1950, 1 MFN, 1 mfm

Commissioner of Locations

Plat Books, 1801, 1807-1868, 3 mfm, 2 MFM (1822- 1858 also filmed with Register of Mesne Conveyances, 
Plat Book, 1939-1951; 1858-1868 filmed with Register of Mesne Conveyances)
Plat Book, 1921-1934); 
Index, 1801,1807-1868 (contained in Register of Mesne Conveyances, Index to Plat Books, 1921-1950) 
Plat Books (copies),1807-1841, 2 MFM, 1 mfm (1816-1841 also filmed with Plat Book, 1841-1858); 
Index, 1807-1841 (contained in Register of Mesne Conveyances, Index to Plat Books, 1921-1950)
Transcripts of Orangeburg District Plat Book,1784-1793 (filmed with Plat Books (copies),1807-1816); 
Index, 1784-1793 (contained in Register of Mesne Conveyances, Index to Plat Books, 1921-1950)

Clerk of Court Other than Court or Mesne Conveyance Records

Book of Delayed Certificates for Births prior to 1915, n.d., 1 mfm
Manumission Book, 1803-1845, 1 wpa

Venire Facias Writs, 1800. . . 1866 (filmed with Court of Equity, Bills, 1839-1868, BW-1)
Tax Return List, 1839 (filmed with Court of Equity, Bills, 1839-1868, BW-1)

County and Intermediate Court

Journal, 1786-1791, 1 MFM, 1 wpa

Court of Common Pleas

Journals, 1800-1832, 2 MFM
Rough Journals, 1800-1813 (filmed with Court of Common Pleas, Journals, 1800-1811)
Abstract of Judgment Books, 1802-1821, 1 MFM

Court of Equity

Minute Book, 1820-1841, 1 wpa
Bills,* Ca. 1818-1868, 62 c, 36 mfm
Decree Book, 1821-1839, 1 wpa
Report Books, 1821-1848, 2 wpa

Ordinary/Probate Judge

Estate Papers, 1787-1865, 37 mfm; Index, 1787- 1958 (contained in Index to Will Books,1787-1958)
Estate Record Book, 1787-1797, 1 wpa (also filmed with Will Books, 1797-1876); 

Index,1787-1797	(contained in Index to Will Books, 1797-1856)
Will Books, 1797-1876, 1 mfm, 1 wpa; Index, 1787- 1958, 1 mfm, 1 wpa
Transcripts of Wills from Estate Papers, 1787- 1856, 1 MFM; Index, 1787-1856 (contained on roll 1 of Microcopy No. 9)
Inventory and Appraisement Books, 1809-1813, 1818-1841, 1869-1876, 1 MFM, 1 wpa

Sale Books, 1808-1819, 1829-1842, 2 MFM, 1 wpa (part of 1808-1815 also contained in Inventory and Appraisement Books, 1869-1876)
Journals, 1819-1838, 2 wpa, 1 MFM
Marriage Books, 1911-1959, 1 mfm

Court of General Sessions

Journals, 1800-1820, 1828-1880, 5 wpa, 1 MFM
Rough Journals, 1800-1822, 1 MFM
Index to Inquests, 1892-1956 (filmed with Board of Health, Index to Deaths, 1915-1958)

District Court

Sessions Journal, 1866-1868 (contained in Court of General Sessions, Journal, 1874-1880)


Docket, 1853-1854, 1 MFM


Accounts, 1841-1844 (filmed with Court of Equity, Bills, 1839-1868)
Receipt for Records and Equipment in the Sheriff's Office, 1857 (filmed with Court of Equity, Bills, 1639-1868)

Board of Health

Index to Births, 1915-1958, 1 mfm
Index to Deaths, 1915-1958, 1

Allendale records after 1919 are complete.  None were lost in the fire.  Census data for Allendale are complete.  Prior to 1919, all of Allendale County, except for a small strip on the south, was part of Barnwell Co.  The strip to the south was part of Hampton County, and Beaufort County before that.  Many early census records are available for purchase from Alligator Creek Genealogy Publications.

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