This is the house of Reddin Wilson, c1760-1836 estimated taken 1910-15.   This house has since burned.  Guy Ferguson has the original picture.  Digital Picture Copyright ©2004, Dr. Frank Oliver Clark.  Reddin Wilson descendants are welcome to use this picture for non-commercial purposes.

Is there a younger Reddin Wilson who was married to Elizabeth in the 1880 Census and had young children, including William R. who was born circa 1876? I believe William R. married my aunt, Minnie A. T. Connelly, daughter of James F. Connelly and wife, Lucinda. Ironically, Minnie's sister, Rebecca Connelly Ferguson Harden is pictured with her son, John Henry Ferguson, in the photo of the Redding Wilson house. I estimate this picture was probably made between 1910-1915. Apparently, Rebecca and her first husband, John S. Ferguson, bought this Wilson place-about 52 acres. Rebecca later sold it to U. S. Proveaux and it is owned today by Ralph Grainger. Guy Ferguson let me borrow this picture to have copies made. I am a descendant of William Henry Connelly who lived at Ehrhardt. He was the brother of Rebecca Connelly Ferguson Harden and Minnie Connelly Wilson. I am of the opinion that Minnie and William R. Wilson ended up in Savannah and are probably buried there.

Bob Connelly, Ulmer, SC (Allendale County)

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