John P. Ritchie d<18 Dec. 1814, widow Rebecca or Rebekah, signed by herXmark. Andrea record #107. Barnwell record. Estate of John P. Ritchie (a spelling of Richey & I -Andrea- have a line from Richey myself mixed with Caldwell-Andrea) Estate Admst. 1 Jan. 1815 by widow Rebecca Ritchie or Ritchey. Her bond was signed by Absalom Tyler & David Felder ... Appraisers were: Wm. Rise, Christian Norton, Charles Hickman, Charles Ackerman, Benjamin Tarrant, & John Rowter (Andrea wonders if Rowser). Andrea: "This Rebecca Ritchey was mixed in with the Gills of Barnwell & my presumption is that she was Rebecca Gill married John P. Ritchey. Names of heirs missing. 1 Jan. 1816 bond of $500 posted by Rebecca her+mark Ritchie, Absalom hisAmark Tyler, David Felder. Warrant of Appraisal to Wm. Rice, Christain Norton?, Charles Hickman, Jesse Rutter, & Benjamin Tarrant, accepted by Benjamin Tarrant, Christain Norton, & Charles hisHmark Hickman. The estate was appraised 2 Jan. 1815 at $174. The estate was sold 30 Jan. 1815 for $164 & was undistinguished by content or purchasers. 12 Feb.. 1816 $190 cash in mostly small amounts was received from debtors. Mr. Andrea asserted that the widow Rebecca was a Gill, I can find no commonality with the names in the estate file, which is inconclusive.

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