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SAVAGE , John 1783 Colony, SC Loyalists No Twp Listed
SAVAGE , Samuel 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
SAVAGE , Thomas 1772 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed
SAVAGE , William 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRI

Parker his+markSavage born <1779 will signed 1 July 1815 probated in 1835 wife Lucy son: Denny. Daus: Susannah, Barbery, Olive. Witnesses: Thomas Riley, David Edenfield, David Edenfield, Jr. Parker Savage served as juror 9 Oct. 1804 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 85). Barnwell Deeds E164 Alexander Phillips sells to Parker Savage and Richard Jackson for $100 190 acres being of tract surveyed for Eli Bassett 3 Apr. 1786 granted 2 Oct. 1786 Wit: Thos. Riley Eliz. heromark Riley 11/1/1804 9/11/1810. Barnwell Deeds E165 Parker Savage & Richard Jackson sold to Wm. Edenfield $125 for 190a by Eli Bassett Wit: Sarah her\mark Moody, David Edenfield, 11/1/1804 9/11/1810.

Bk. I p 220, 2 April 1807 Barnwell Deeds I221 Mary her+mark Edenfield (is this Thomas or Jesse's wife??  Both married a Mary.) for $50 paid by Parker Savage sells 153 acres on Beaver Dam waters of Jackson's Branch waters of Big Saltcatcher described in  Deed Book I page 220 granted to Richard Cadden, wit: Nancy Edenfield (who is this 1807 Nancy Edenfield?), Peter McSlevor?, rec: 11/7/1815. 7/10/1815 Parker hisXmark Savage sold to Nancy & Peggy Kirby (Barnwell Deed Book I220) for $50 150 acres on Big Saltcatcher on Beaver Dam waters of Jackson's Branch waters of Big Saltcatcher, SE Wm. Weekly, NE Wm. Edenfield, rest vacant, granted to Richard Cadden 1795, Wit: F. Riley, Joshua Phillips. 11/7/1815.

Will: my dear wife Lucy my plantation where I now live on the SW side of Jackson's Branch with my horses, hogs, sheep, house hold & kitchen furniture & plantation tools to her during her life and at her death the land on the SW side of Jackson's Branch I bequeath to my dear son Denny with the plantation tools, a roan mare, a cow & calf, with an equal share of the sheep & hogs between him and his sister Susannah my dear daughter which I bequeath to her 2 cows & calves with an equal share of sheep & hogs. I bequeath to my daughter Barbery a plantation or parcel of land where she now lives on NE of Jackson's Branch. To my dear daughter Olive 1 cow & calf. Present crop of cotton to be disposed of. Parker hisXmark Savage. Wit: Thos. Riley, David Edenfield, David Edenfield, Jr.

Four known Children of Parker Savage and his wife Lucy:

  1. Denny Savage(son) born <1794 adult in 1815
  2. Susannah herXmark Savage born <1794 adult in 1815 , married a Britt (Deed book DD p324, Barbery Edenfield and Susan Britt sold land to Lucy O. Jackson. 2/24/1824 Louisa her+mark Savage (who was she?) sold to "Savannah" Savage for $50 her 50 acre homeplace, being part of tract of 150a granted to Wm. Edenfield 4 Sept. 1786, being plantation where I now live. Wit: Olive herOmark Jackson & F. Riley. Rec: 3/30/1824.
  3. Barbery herXmark Savage born <1794 (Guy Ferguson says Barbara Savage married Wm. Edenfield) adult in 1815. Barnwell Deeds DD 324 We Barbary  herXmark Edenfield and Susan herXmark Britt for $60 sell to Lucy O. Jackson a tract granted to Wm. Edenfield containing 150 acres on West side of Jackson's Branch waters of the Great Saltcatcher adjoining Seth Wm.s & Charles Nixson. 30 Dec. 1845. Signed by William N. Edenfield  (son of Wm. Edenfield) and J.W. Caddin. Rec. 4 Feb.. 1850.  She clearly married an Edenfield, was widowed by 1845, and Wm. N. Edenfield signs as a witness.  This is very strong evidence that she married Wm. Edenfield.
  4. Olive herOmark Savage born 1770 (from 1850 census) (Guy Ferguson says Olivia, deed states Olive, but these deeds are clerk's copies.) married a Jackson.  She was an adult in 1815. 2/20/1824 Barnwell Deeds O414 Wm. Edenfield sells to Olive Jackson for $50 50 acres of land SW corner of tract of 150 acres granted to Wm. Edenfield 20 Feb.. 1824. Wit: Susannah herXmark Savage, T. Riley.

Please contact T. Curry Drescher and Dr. F.O. Clark with information on the Savage family.

Comments by T. Curry Drescher:

This Savage family page shows Parker Savage and his wife Lucy had four children, Denny, Susannah, Barbery and Olive. It mentions Lucy O. Jackson in a property transaction with "Susan" Susannah Savage Britt and "Barbery" Barbara Savage Edenfield plus an unidentified Louisa Savage Feb. 24, 1824. Also another property transaction to Lucy O. Savage without the Louisa Savage, dated Dec. 30,1845. Since that page mentions the mother as "Lucy" and the daughter as "Olive" what is the connection to Lucy O. Savage Jackson? Was the mother's full name Lucy Olive Savage and the also the daughter's name as Lucy Olive Savage before the daughter married? I understand that the daughter married a William Andrew Jackson.

Some of my questions concerns the 1850 census for Barnwell S. C. where I find Lucy Jackson on pg. 441, line 4 as head of the household, age 30 (born 1820) and a Planter. She must have been a widow by then? In the household also is shown next, OLIVE JACKSON, age 80 (born 1770). Next a Rob S------------I can't make out the last name, a male age 23 and then Olive's 3 girls, (Sarah) Maria age 17, Jane (Florence) age 10 and (Olive) Rebecca age 2, In the list of girls is Jane Jackson who is my great great grandmother.

Since the head of the household is listed as Lucy, and the next line shows Olive age 80, how does this fit in the picture if Lucy Savage was the mother of Olive Savage Jackson? Is there something missing here that I do not see? Also any clue who the "Rob" S is? And, who did Olive Rebecca, age 2, grow up and marry?

I do hope someone will be able to help me with my delima. Thank you for any help.

T. C. Drescher

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