Edward Southwell died 1778. Winton Co. Will Book 1 p55: Will of Edward Southwell of SC, Orangeburgh Dist.., written 22 March 1775, to wife Sarah Southwell, all my household furniture & stock (of cattle marked through, this is a clerk copy) after her decease to equally divided between my three sons & my daughter, Mary Southwell. Sons: Edward, John, William. 22 March 1775. Edward Southwell by mark. Wit: John Clayton, Edward Southwell, Richard Jackson (by mark). Proved by John Clayton before Wm. Robison JP 24 March 1778. Attested by John Clayton 24 March 1778. 6 May 1789 Sarah Southwell swore in Winton Co. that this was her husbands last will, examined & recorded 29 August 1789. Winton Will Book 1 p56: Inventory & appraisement of the estate of Edward Southwell, dec;c, Total 92 13s, Certified 13 June 1789, by Reuben Golikely (R), Thomas Morris, James Myrick (by mark), Rec. 29 Aug. 1789.

If Edward Southwell died 1778. Winton Co. then how could he father John Southwell b<1787, illegitimate child of Elizabeth Merrick? Is it possible that John is the son of Edward Jr. instead of Old Edward? Found in the bible of a descendent of John L. Southwell was the following : John L. Southwell born June 26, 1782, died November 8, 1843. This date corresponds with the date of Elizabeth's son but not with the recorded date of birth of Old Edward's son John Southwell. This would make more sense, especially since Edward Jr's brother William also fathered an illegitimate child with Elizabeth. On additional question: concerning the middle name of John Southwell, where is there documentation of his middle name being Lafayette? I have only found records of John Southwell, John L. Southwell and J.L. Southwell.

I am interested in your replies, Thank you, Cindy Ferguson Jones

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