The following is the full text of the history of one HENRY STRINGFELLOW of Barnwell County, SC (b1760-65 to about 1839) as compiled by ANN STRINGFELLOW SELLERS, CIRCA 1975.

HENRY STRINGFELLOW, the youngest son of WILLIAM ROBERT (1729-1814), AND REBECCA STRINGFELLOW, was born between 1760/65. In 1810 he was residing in Barnwell County, SC, where he was resided until his death between 1830-40. Only one son is known at this time, WILEY STRINGFELLOW (was born 1795/96 - Richmond County, NC , married to Nancy ________.

On January 30 1807, Henry began purchasing land in Barnwell County. He purchased 1,000 acres by Upper Three Runs and 500 acres by Boggy Gut Branch from Josiah Stallings. In 1819, he purchased 315 acres by Lower Three Runs from James Coward, 187 acres by Old Three Runs from Jeremiah Coward, 315 acres by Old Three Runs from Needham Coward and 283 acres by Lower Three Runs from Needham. In 1825, Henry got 1100 acres by Lower Three Runs from John Hightower. In 1829, he purchased 1100 acres on Craig Pond from The Barnwell Female Academy. Overall this totals 4800 acres.

(And now for the strange part. He suddenly begins to sell it all off!!!----WHY???---note by js)

In 1829, he sold 1100 acres to John Hightower on Lower Three Runs. In 1835, he sold 3,525 acres on Upper Three Runs to James and John Davis.

In the census of 1830, Barnwell County, SC, Henry is shown as being 60-69 years old. He is not listed in 1840. He had either died or was living with one of his children.

I have not been able to determine the number of children HENRY had. In the Census of 1820, he had 4 children 0-9 years of age, and one female 10-16 living with him and his wife. His son, WILEY STRINGFELLOW lived next door to him in 1830. Between 1832-1840 WILEY moved to Talbot County, GA. This was probably after HENRY died (?)

In some of my other research in actually trying to locate the lands in question, it seems that this entire area is now part of the Savannah River Plant (Site). I may be wrong about that.

John Stringfellow

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