Isidore Lartigue Tobin b 1844 d 1909 Attorney at Law former mayor of Allendale M. Harriet Sheldonia Allen b 1857 d 1940

John Etienne Tobin b 1886 d 1958 Attorney at Law and former Probate Judge of Allendale County m. Rose Merritt b 1892 d 1957

John Etienne Tobin Jr. Decorated war hero of 2nd world war and Lieutenant of detectives In Richland County for many years b.1918 d 1887 m Cordia Johnson b. 1910 d1993

Hugh Merritt Tobin Prominent in field of Textile Chemicals Owner of textle Mill in Belmont, N. C. b 1926 m Sarah Ann Motley b. 1932

Harriett A Tobin b1921 d 1985 m W. Lucas Lafaye of Columbia, S. C.b. 1917 d 1992

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