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Trinity Methodist Church - An African American Church, better known as King Creek Church, on historical King Creek off of the Savannah River in Southwestern Allendale Co.  Account given by Reverend Frank E. Moore, age ninety eight, resident of Allendale for a number of years, but originally of Cohen's Bluff Section (in area known as Three Runs, just WSW of Allendale-JPC) gives an interesting account of Trinity Church history.  The Rev. Moore states that the church: was originally owned by a white congregation during slavery days, sometime later having been given to the freed slaves for a place of worship. The church was used as such until 1925, when it was replaced with a new church. The Reverend Alec Owens is said to have served as the first pastor of this historic church. Trinity Churchyard Cemetery is as old as the church itself. Among the first graves are: Richard Boyles, John Gray, Rev Owens, Cade Roberts, Charlotte Gray, Sarah McCrady, Margaret Ruffer, Robert Smith, Leila White Moore. These names are representative of white families living in the surrounding area during the late seventies.  As was the custom of that era, slaves took the names of their respective masters. Submitted by Rev Frank Moore. Rev Moore was not sure of his exact age, but remembers the Charleston Earthquake of 1886; the inauguration of Gov. Wade Hampton ninety two years ago. Frank thinks he is 98 years of age. He walks up town, still preaches as a substitute and is in very good health for one of his age. His modest home is on South Mill St. He has many friends of both races. He lived on "Welfare" (at the time Allendale on the Savannah was written, shortly before 1970) because he retired before the Social Security system was created.

This information was contained in Allendale on the Savannah, published in 1970 Allendale Co, SC.  Submitted by, and thanks to, Judy Canant.

Margarita "Peggy" Best was one of the founders of Trinity C.M.E. Church.  She and other members of the Best and Woods families are buried there. (submitted anonymously)

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