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Revolutionary War:
Patriots: Here you will find a muster roll of John Lewis Peyer im Hoff's Patriot revolutionary war troup of Continental Line, and other Patriots from the area.  Captain im Hoff was from Orangeburgh and a lot of these names occur in the Allendale County area.  im Hoff is a German name.  "Hof" means "courtyard" or "farm." "im" means "in the" (Vielen dank Frau Strauss, Robert Strauss' Deutsche wife for correcting me on this one!)

Mr. Leonardo Andrea made a list of authenticated men who served with Gen. Francis Marion.  I have excerpted some of those who have surnames similar to those who lived in Allendale County (My version of this list is copyrighted, and I cannot put the entire list up.). SCGenWeb's Web Site on Gen. Marion contains a complete list of men who served under him.

Memoirs of Tarleton Brown!  A contemporary revolutionary war account by one of Allendale Counties own!  Thanks to Gene Jarrell for submitting this!

On 11-12-1826, under oath, Elizabeth Brunson Hess declared that her father Alexander Brunson, a Continental soldier, was killed by the Tories the last month of the war and that his home was in Colleton District at the Cowpens (Leonardo Andrea, file for Brunson, S.C Arch.).  Don Brunson

Loyalists: There were Loyalists in the area too, and yes, I appear to have some in my family!  In fact, I think I found my heaven knows how many times great grandfather in one such list.  He also had Patriot records.  I doubt you can find anyone that did not.  Here is a muster roll of Levi Youman's band of Loyalists, plus other Loyalists from the area.  These are most definitely from what is now Allendale County!  I imagine these two stood off each other more than once.  Levi Youmans was so hated that he fled to one of the British possessions in the Caribbean according to oral tradition in my family!

Before you get on your high horse <grin>, I have a Patriot Gill in my direct line, and he most definitely appears to have had Gill Loyalist uncles.  Recall that the Patriots were the "rebels" in the revolutionary war.  It took the awful depredations of the red coat and Tory bands to really infuriate most of the countryside and get people off the fence.

Details of the Revolutionary War: I have an outline with battle detail and where to obtain records on the Revolutionary War  that is linked to the state page. Use your back arrow to return to the Allendale page.

Mexican War

Eulogy for Lt. Wilson Roberts Williams

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Civil war:

CSA Cemetery Markers

Civil War encounter in Martin

The Civil War in South Carolina web page.


Jim  Bryan has put up a map showing Allendale when Sherman's vandals came through (off site)

This will be expanded considerably with details of the passage of Sherman's vandals through Allendale County.  If you have information and family information on the Civil War, please submit it for inclusion.  If you would like to write, or rewrite a page or section here, please contact me.  All comments are welcome.

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